What is a blind box or a blind bag? Why the mystery boxes are popular

What is a blind box or a blind bag? Why the mystery boxes are popular

The culture of giving has never ceased. The gift industry in itself is worth billions of dollars with room for potential growth. It’s also been keeping up with the times with the introduction of blind boxes.

Blind box
A stack of gaming blind boxes. Photo: @blindbox.cz
Source: Instagram

Blind boxes have been one of the most popular attractions for decades. Even though they were initially created in Japan, they have recently turned into a significant success in the United States and other parts of the world.

What is a blind box?

It is a box or bag containing a random assortment of novelty items. Some have a series of objects from various entertainment mediums created by different companies such as Funko for blind box toys. They are wrapped so that the item inside the box is unknown to the consumer or buyer of the product.

The term blind box or blind bag is derived from the fact that the object contained in the box or bag is a mystery. The only indication gotten by the bag's consumer is the media from which the item originates and the object they might receive from that particular series.

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Are blind boxes legit?

No, they are not. You are not supposed to sell mystery boxes. The customers have the right to know what they are buying. You can show them a picture of similar items they will receive and tell them what they will receive.

How do blind boxes work?

Blind boxes work by trading on their uncertainty. As a result, they stimulate the consumers to repurchase in the quest for rare products. As a result, most consumers tend to purchase these boxes to increase the probability of getting their desired gadgets.

In addition, opening the box to discover which item is in it makes for a sharable experience on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In the end, this comes in handy in attracting organic brand traffic.

What are the odds of finding figures in blind bags?

There are minimal chances of finding figures in blind boxes. Each figure in a series of the bag is indicated on the side of the blind box. This is displayed along with the odds of finding every figure. There is a possibility of seeing one or two chase figures containing the lowest odds indicated in silhouette.

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However, chase figures are some of the rarest things to find. This makes them more challenging to get as compared to others. On rare occasions, uber-mystery figures are included even though there are not present on the box. In the past, they also had particular hand-made, one-of-a-kind figures from famous individuals.

What is an Amazon blind box?

They are fun boxes created with precision to offer one happiness and joy without necessarily undergoing the pressure of picking the right thing. Amazon is one of the few sites with the most demanding marketplaces with subscription mystery boxes. Others include Loot Crate and Etsy.

Types of mystery boxes

There are thousands of different mystery boxes you can purchase online. Some of them include:

Disney blind boxes

  • Disney Raya and The Last Dragon Surprise Blind Box 3-Pack, 3 Dolls and 6 Accessories, Toy for Kids 3 and Up
  • Disney Princess Gem Blind Bag 3 Pack
  • Funko Mystery Mini: Disney Villains - One Mystery Figure
  • Funko Mystery Mini Disney Princess - 1 Blind Box Mystery Action Figure
  • Disney Loungefly Pixar A Bug's Life Leaf Blind Box Enamel Pin

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Pokemon mystery box

blind box
A pink pokemon blind box. Photo: @blindbox.cz
Source: UGC
  • Pokémon Cards Mystery Power Cube Box | EX/Gx Special Card | Foil Cards | Genuine Cards
  • Pokémon TCG: Charmander Sidekick Collection Box, Multicolor
  • Pokemon Cards - 3 Booster Packs (Random Packs)
  • Neoprene Silvally Pokemon Box Ready for Battle
  • Pokemon Cards 50 Card Assorted Lot - Commons/Uncommons - Rares - Foils! Repack! Includes Golden Groundhog Treasure Chest Storage Box!
  • Pokemon TCG: XY Evolutions Charizard Elite Trainer Box

Moofia blind boxes

  • My Little Pony Toys Meet The Mane 6 Ponies Collection
  • Smiski Dreams Glow in The Dark Figure, Museum Series, Random Style, 1 Pack
  • Hasbro Lost Kitties Blind Box Multipack
  • Kitan Club Cat Bakery Plastic Toy- Blind Box Includes 1 of 5 Collectable Figurines - Fun, Versatile Decoration - Authentic Japanese Design - Made from Durable Plastic
  • Learning Resources Beaker Creatures Reactor Pods, Series 1, 6 Pack, STEM Certified Science Toy

Kidrobot blind boxes

  • BFFs Kidrobot Series 5 Blind Box Mini Figure (1 Figure)
  • kidrobot- Futurama Universe X Random Mini Figure Blind Box
  • POP MART BOBO and Coco Lucky Figure Blind Box Set Collect Cartoon Toys Christmas Birthday Gift-Constellation Plush 3 Pack
  • Kidrobot Yummy World Gourmet Snacks Blind Box Vinyl Figure
  • Animaniacs Kidrobot Tiny Toon Adventures Blind Box Mini Figure
  • Hedonism Bot Futurama Universe X Mini Series by Kidrobot Opened Blind Box

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You no longer have to worry about what to buy your friends or loved ones during their special occasions. A blind box is a great go-to option as the mystery that comes with the object makes the entire gifting process a good surprise.

Yen.com.gh published a post about the best DIY Valentine gifts for her. Some of the gift ideas include tree-stump initials, love banner, and Lacey candle glow. Writing your initials on a pillar candle shows how much you want your love to glow.

Writing what you feel for her on a banner and hanging it on a focal point in your home will make her happy. It will be a simple and easy handmade gift that will forever remain in her heart.

Source: YEN.com.gh

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