The Origin of 'No Bra Day' and 3 Other Significant Facts About the Day

The Origin of 'No Bra Day' and 3 Other Significant Facts About the Day

No Bra Day is observed every year by most women across the world.

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The month of October has been set aside for breast cancer awareness and on the 13th day of the month, women across various age groups are encouraged to go braless.

In recognition of the day, has put together four interesting facts about 'No Bra Day'

Facts about 'No Bra Day'
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1. How it came about

The day takes its roots from a medical event held in Toronto Canada on October 19, 2011, organized by a plastic surgeon known as Dr Mitchell Brown.

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The theme of the event was 'Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day as it was intended to encourage breast cancer survivors to consider reconstructive surgery.

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2. The change in names

The phrase 'No Bra Day' came into existence after an anonymous person who used the name Anastasia Doughnuts came up with the idea to turn BRA Day into a No Bra Day where women can enjoy being braless and become more aware of the symptoms of breast cancer.

3. The initial day of observance

The day was initially observed on July 9, 2011, and it continued until 2013.

Through various social media posts, both July 9 and October 13 were recognized as the No Bra Day.

Since 2015 however, the day has only been observed on the 13th Day of the Breast Cancer awareness month.

4. The different meanings of the day

The day was originally intended to promote the awareness of breast cancer symptoms; however, a growing number of females use that day to highlight the importance of gender equality.

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A young woman recently headed online to share an extremely heartwarming and tearjerkingly touching post about surviving breast cancer.

Taking to Twitter, the young lady with the handle @The_OfficialBiZ, shared that she had just kicked her breast cancer on the backside.

Her touching post featured a picture of herself after she just had a double mastectomy - still as beautiful as ever.

"had breast cancer, but still beautiful and a survivor," she captioned the photo of herself.

Soon the post went viral reaching over 159k likes from supportive Twitter users. Many of them also took to the comment section where they shared thousands of messages of support and encouragement with the brave young lady.


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