'My wife is pregnant for my boss'

'My wife is pregnant for my boss'

A man who gave his name as Nana Yaw says he is contemplating suicide after he made a devastating discovery about his wife and his marriage.

'My wife is pregnant for my boss'

Nana Yaw, 36,  who narrated his heartbreaking story in a letter to an Accra-based radio station, said his world started to collapse when his pregnant wife, 33, suddenly developed a complication one dawn (They already had two children, and that was her third pregnancy).

He said on that fateful day, his wife developed abdominal pains and he had to rush her to the hospital.

When they got to the hospital, he desperately needed to call his office to inform them of his wife's predicament, but realised that he had left his phone at home.

Nana Yaw said luckily, his wife had her phone in her bag, so he picked it. She had been given an injection that put her to sleep.

He said he discovered that there were over 200 messages on his wife’s Whatsapp, so he resolved to reply to the important messages that his wife was on admission.

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While attempting to do that, he said he saw some messages from their CEO in the office.

Going through the messages, he realised that there had been several amorous exchanges between the CEO and his wife, but one message that hit him hard was when the man said he “couldn’t wait to start watering his second baby".

“And he also said, please make sure he does not sleep with you whiles you are pregnant. Let’s get the doctor to say you are not fit for sex.”

Nana Yaw said he nearly collapsed. It dawned on him that he had been a fool.

He said he did not confront his wife until she got better and was discharged from the hospital.

He said she admitted that she was pregnant for their boss and that their second child was also for the man, before begging him not to create a scene.

“We met on the job, fell in love and got married. Well, she was working there before I joined the company and apparently, she was in a relationship with the CEO. She is telling me that, they are very much in love but could not be together because he was already married but without a child so they agreed for her to get married and also have her family since she desires to have family.

“… I became the prize. Our CEO was very supportive and even had me promoted with a good salary raise. I was given an official car and apartment. Oh… little did I know that I was a compensation, ” he lamented.

Nana Yaw added that he was losing his mind over the shocking revelation.

“That is all I know so far. I haven’t had the courage ask further questions. I haven’t spoken to my wife since then. We live in the same house. I have not been to work in days. My CEO has called and asked that I come for us to talk… but I have not responded… Right now, all I want to do is quit… but I know that is not the solution to the fact that my wife is pregnant for him… Oh... too many things are going through my head… I am sick… I need help."

"I feel less a man right now and the only option I keep considering is suicide. It is so shameful I am unable to talk to anyone about it. I don’t also see myself living with it or better still, I might have to commit one of those bizarre murders we read about always in the newspapers. Gosh… this is just too much for me to take."

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What advice will you give to Nana Yaw in this trying period?

Source: YEN.com.gh

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