Van says cheating allegation affected his marriage

Van says cheating allegation affected his marriage

Van Vicker has admitted that the allegation of him cheating with his manager, Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah a few weeks ago, although untrue has affected his marriage.

Van says cheating allegation affected his marriage

A few weeks ago, the husband of Dr. Clarice Ford-Kulah who is Van Vicker’s business manager, claimed he had enough evidence support his belief that the two were having a steamy affair cloaked in a so-called business relationship.

Both Dr. Clarice and Van made statements denying the allegations that have been leveled against them which was later confirmed by Mr. Kulah who eventually apologized to the duo for his false statements in a Facebook post.

In a recent interview with Pluzz FM, the actor elaborated on the effects the whole situation had had on his relationship with his wife.

“It definitely has some ripple effect on my wife and on my kids, because my kids will go to school and their colleagues will tell them ‘they are saying this about your father. Same way when the ebola story broke,” he said.

He went on to say that “these are things that come with the business and it’s very negative. All I can do is speak to my kids and let them know what the story is and whatever they hear about Daddy, they shouldn’t take it.”

Van says cheating allegation affected his marriage


The actor who is currently promoting his yet to be released Black Monkey film said he has suspended working with Dr. Clarice for now and has also advised her to make amends with her husband.

“I told her to go settle it and at the right moment we can start working again.”


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