7 truths explaining why most Ghanaian men won't marry

7 truths explaining why most Ghanaian men won't marry

It is the wish for every Ghanaian man to find the woman of his dreams. Here in Ghana, marriage remains one of the conditions that commands respect and admiration from family and friends.

But despite the pomp and pageantry, many Ghanaian men just choose to stay single, not married for reasons best known to them.

In this article, we explore the major things that scare men away from saying "I do" to their prospective wives.

1. High bride price

High bride price makes up one of the major reasons why most Ghanaian men are not married. In recent times, there have been revelations about the unbelievable demands families from women are making before letting out their daughters for marriage.

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2. Unemployment

Graduate unemployment in Ghana currently stands at over 40 percent. With a social system unwelcoming of persons without jobs, it will be very difficult to get married to the dream of your life. To this effect do we find most Ghanaian men opting to find jobs before getting married.

3. They fear the word "marriage"

Many young men have this perception that the concept of marriage chains them in one corner of their lives. Others even fear they don't have the choice to explore relationships with other people when they get married. It is for these reasons that most of them just decide to remain single.

4. Not having to make excuses

Unlike married men who always have to make excuses for failure to do specific things, single men never get to do that. Being single means you take single responsibility for everything you do. You can decide to come home at dawn without wifey waiting on the couch for answers.

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5. Financial freedom

Is it true that many married Ghanaian men are stingy, never willing to give out? Well, maybe it is because the pressure and financial demands the family imposes on them are too much. But this is never the case with single men. Unlike married men, single men have space to spend as much as they want and also as little as they desire.

6. Losing the peace of being single

Ask any single man what he loves best about singleness and they will reveal to you it is the satisfaction of having to sprawl out of bed alone! Unlike married men, single men dictate when they sleep and wake is a treasure that single guys cherish. The ability to wake up at noon and not be judged by a girlfriend, who’s already been to the gym and back, is pure bliss.

7. Pressure from in-laws

There is no frustration in marriage than the pressure and requests of family members especially in-laws. This pressure of having kids on time, buying a house or car, paying for funerals, you just name them. In-laws are no doubt very lovable people and members of the extended family but things sometimes get troubling when their demands even after marriage get so suffocating.

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