Kofi Amoabeng reveals why his marriages keep failing and why he won't marry a third time

Kofi Amoabeng reveals why his marriages keep failing and why he won't marry a third time

The President of UT Holding, Prince Kofi Amoabeng has spoken on why he will rather stay unmarried after his marriages have consistently failed.

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Speaking in an interview, the Chief Executive Officer of UT Bank, noted that he was a bit too "care free" to survive at the marriage game.

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Coming from man who is hailed to have built one of the most successful businesses in Ghana, it was a surprise that Amoabeng could not stay in a successful marriage.

Kofi Amoabeng
Kofi Amoabeng

The businessman, has been involved in two marriages, which have both hit the rocks.

Kofi Amoabeng told the show host that his first marriage failed mainly because he could not tolerate the clingy nature of his wife.

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"In my case, the first marriage, I got married to someone who wanted the attachment to be the same, she didn’t even want to go to work", he said.

The UT boss revealed that he was a "young chap" and couldn't afford to stay at home as he felt restricted by his wife.

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"I really love my freedom and that’s probably not a good thing when it comes to marrying and staying married. I have been divorced twice. In both situations, the courting time was superb…", Kofi Amoabeng added.

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