Stranded Hajj pilgrims at the mercy of thieves - Suhuyini

Stranded Hajj pilgrims at the mercy of thieves - Suhuyini

- Tamale North MP has lamented the hardships of Hajj pilgrims stranded in the Northern Region

- He says some pilgrims have been robbed of their belongings

Member of Parliament for the Tamale North constituency, Alhassan Suhuyini, has stated that Hajj pilgrims who were stranded in the North have been preyed upon by thieves and robbers.

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Stranded Hajj pilgrims at the mercy of thieves - Suhuyini
Alhassan Suhuyini

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Hon. Suhuyini related that Hajj pilgrims who were stranded in the Northern region due to the failure of a flight scheduled to take them to Saudi Arabia has been robbed of some of their belongings.

The Tamale North legislator stated that four motorbikes, as well as some luggage belonging to pilgrims have been reported missing, although he did mention that these reports had not yet been confirmed.

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Speaking to Eyewitness News on Friday, August 11th, Hon. Suhuyini related that where the pilgrims are camped is very close to the forest, and that "all kinds of things" live in the forest. According to Hon. Suhuyini, the location where pilgrims are encamped is also a contributing factor to their woes.

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"If they were located in town where the Jubilee Park is the police barrack is nearby they could have used the facilities that are there to attend to distress call and they could have avoided all of these frustrations instead of demonizing someone and making the other look good,” said the parliamentarian.

The Hajj pilgrims found themselves in a difficult position and relocated to the Tamale Sports Stadium when their flight to Saudi Arabia was delayed on Thursday. In an attempt to pacify the pilgrims, authorities distributed biscuits and soft drinks late at around 12 midnight.

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