Bunso Eco Park: All you need to know about the attraction site in Ghana

Bunso Eco Park: All you need to know about the attraction site in Ghana

While Ghana has many unique tourist sites, several factors can inspire you to visit a specific spot regularly. Bunso Eco Park is one of Ghana's most well-known and visited tourist destinations. It is one of the best places to get acquainted with nature and have fun. It offers an excellent cause to return to the location or even motivates you to discover comparable places.

Bunso Eco Park
A view of Bunso Eco Park's entrance. Photo: @BunsoEcoParkGH
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Bunso Eco Park is a perfect spot for outings and composure. For your ease, transportation to and from the park is offered, and entrance costs are included. Engage in entertaining activities such as board games, get an intense adrenaline rush with the zipline, and take a fascinating canopy walk to make the experience even better.

History of Bunso Eco Park

The Arboretum was formally launched in 1935 by two British nationals, David Gillet and Frank Thompson. The facility is 88 years old as of 2023.

After a while, the Arboretum was turned over to the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) as a research centre until 2019, when the State of Ghana, along with other private businesses and the Akyem Abuakwa Traditional Council, collaborated to reopen the Arboretum as a tourist attraction.

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The property contains more than 600 different tree species that are used for a variety of medicinal reasons. Some uncommon tree species in the forest reserve are Garcinia Kola, frequently referred to locally as Twepea, which is noted for its medicinal advantages.

Garcinia kola is asserted to be utilised to fight contagious infections in many tropical regions, and it also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral qualities. Other tropical tree species in the centre include Okure, primarily utilised for dugout boats, and the Alpha and Omega trees, used to make the local sponge (sapowie).

Bunso Eco Park is a lush forest teeming with herbal remedies, vegetation, and wildlife. The Arboretum contains around 105 bird species, 600 plant species, 300 butterfly species, 57 snake species, and various fruits such as passion fruit, grapes, and star fruit.

Where is Bunso Eco Park located?

The Bonsu Eco Park is in Ghana's Eastern Region, south of Bunso. It is located in the municipality of Abuakwa South. The facility lies three kilometres or 1.9 miles from the Bunso interchange on the Accra-Kumasi motorway. The park's original name was Bunso Arboretum. Its ambience is tranquil and clean.

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The main activities at the park include a canopy path, zipline, children's playground, horse ranch and snack bar. One of the best eco-parks in Ghana, Bunso is an exciting place to go hiking and horse riding. Furthermore, you will experience all the other historical attractions in the park.

1. Canopy walkway

It is a prominent attraction in this park and the 2nd-highest canopy walkway after the Kakum canopy. The canopy will offer you a cause to return to this popular tourist attraction.

Bunso Eco-Park has two canopy pathways, one for young kids and one for adults. Walking on ropes suspended high in the forest provides a beautiful view of the many tree types from an elevated region.

2. Adult swing

It is the newest addition to Bunso Eco Park. The swing is the sole adult swing in Ghana. It is a contemporary swing, so if you want to relax with your significant other or pal and make memories, this is the spot for you.

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3. Horse ride

Bunso Park features both living horses and horse statues. All the horses are incredibly disciplined and coached to guarantee that all visitors are safe and have a good time. Visitors are offered the opportunity to ride the horses around the park.

4. Butterfly and bird sanctuary

Bunso Eco-Park is a habitat for a variety of butterfly and bird species. The ideal moment to see this species is early morning, before 8 a.m. Strolling through the park is thrilling, watching the diverse plant and animal species.

5. Zipline

It is West Africa's second-largest commercial zipline. While many local tourists are unaware of how much fun individuals have when using a zipline, they are now delighted to utilise it.

Bunso Eco Park's entrance fee

The park's entrance charge is Gh5. They charge GHC 25 for tree-top canopy walkway, GHC 20 for ziplining and GHC 10 for horseback riding.

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Bunso Eco Park photos

Bunso Ecopark can be experienced through photographs. These pictures merely reflect the beauty, tranquillity, and fun found at Bunso Ecopark. The photos are available on the park's website and all its social media pages.

Bunso Eco Park is located in Ghana's Eastern Region, south of Bunso. It is one of Ghana's most well-known and visited tourist destinations. The main tourist attractions include a canopy path, a zipline, a children's playground, a horse ranch and a snack bar.

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