Angry Landlady Shares Astonishing Condition Tenants Left Her House In A TikTok Video

Angry Landlady Shares Astonishing Condition Tenants Left Her House In A TikTok Video

  • A lady took to social media to showcase how her tenants left her home in a poor condition
  • The woman urged people to clean up after themselves after they have moved out, and netizens agreed with her
  • The online community reacted to the beauty's video, with many being left in shock while others shared their experiences

One woman shared the pain of being a landlord on her TikTok, and people were in their feelings.

A TikTok video of landlord unveiling how her tenants left her house.
A lady Took to TikTok to showcase how her tenants left her house dirty. Image: @sbahlesokhana
Source: UGC

A woman unveiled how a renter ruined her house

A clip shared by @sbahlesokhana on the video platform has gathered over 273K views, thousands of likes and many comments. In the clip, the young lady showcased how her house was in poor condition after the tenants moved out. As the video began, @sbahlesokhana unveiled how the bathroom was all dirty with brown stains. In the next scene, she zoomed in on the shower door and the walls, which were filthy with stains on them.

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Taking to TikTok, she captioned her video saying:

"The pain of being the landlord, some tenants."

@sbahlesokhana pleased with all tenants to clean their homes before they move out.

Watch the video below:

Online users are not impressed

Many people were astonished by the woman's video as they rushed to her comments to express their thoughts.

Dikeledionkatlile said:

"This has nothing to do with the deposit but personal hygiene."

Bongiwe_khabazela wrote:

"Some people leave houses like this because they know they won’t get back their deposit even if they cleaned."

Onika's Son shared:

"I would never leave a place I rented in this condition. That does not align with my values and morals."

User7779933876273 added:

"Because some landlords are very mean with deposits, they never return a coin."

Pem shillz commented:

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"But how can someone use a dirty bathroom like this? The were supposed to clean for themselves, not the landlord."

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