Derek Carr's wife: Top 5 interesting facts about Heather Neel

Derek Carr's wife: Top 5 interesting facts about Heather Neel

Heather Neel is no new name in the sports world. She is popular as the wife of NFL quarterback player Derek Carr. She wears many hats, including being a wife, mother, housewife, daughter, social media influencer, among many others. So, who exactly is Derek Carr's wife?

Derek Carr's wife
Heather Neel posing for a picture. Photo: @heathercarr4
Source: Instagram

Heather has been a rock to her husband for many years now. The NFL player travels a lot for his games while his wife looks after their beautiful children. Every couple has a tale to tell regarding how they met, and Heather and Carr's is quite an interesting one.

Top 5 interesting facts about Heather Neel

The gorgeous Heather is active on social media. For instance, she has garnered a huge following on her Instagram account, where she shares beautiful pictures of her family worth a million words. There are many exciting facts about Derek Carr's wife, but here are a few of them worth noting.

1. She was born on January 3, 1990

The beautiful Heather was born on January 3, 1990, in Northern California. Heather Neel age is 30 years old as of 2020. Most people have been asking, "What nationality is Heather Neel?" She is American. Her parents are Bryan Neel and Vicki Neel. Heather studied at Fresno Christian High School and later joined Fresno State University.

2. She has been married to Derek since college

One of the frequently sought-after questions is, "When did Derek Carr get married?" Heather Neel and Derek Carr wedded officially on July 10, 2012. Carr was busy developing into a quarterback at Fresno State and, at the same time, budding into the type of person Heather knew when they first met. The couple has been happily married ever since.

Derek Carr's wife
Heather Neel and her husband, Derek Carr. Photo: @heathercarr4
Source: Instagram

3. She worked as a waitress through college

Heather worked as a waitress while in high school and college. She worked at BJ's Brewhouse. She used her pay to help complete college. Interestingly, she met her husband during one of her shifts.

Carr walked in like any other customer and asked her why she had one earring on. She quickly checked to confirm his allegation, only to find out she had both on. His ploy worked well because they ended up talking. She revealed the following in an interview with ABC7.

I had like diamond earrings in my ear, and I had them both, I knew I did. And he said, Why are you only wearing one earring? And it made me check my ears. That's your pick up line? It did work. I talked to him.

4. Heather played a massive role in changing Derek's partying ways

Two cannot walk together unless they agree, and true to this, their dating relationship was not smooth. This is because Heather was a devout Christian, whereas Derek was not. Despite Derek growing up in a Christian family and graduating from Bakersfield Christian High School, he was indulging in more partying.

Derek Carr's wife
Heather Neel and her four children. Photo: @heathercarr4
Source: Instagram

As a result, Heather wrote him a letter, saying that the person Derek had presented himself as and the real Derek were two different people, and if he wanted to stay with her, he needed to fix the problem at hand. Derek revealed to the Los Angeles Times saying;

Heather wrote me a letter, and she said, you're not the person that I thought you were.' I read that, and I remember I stood up in front of my teammates, and I told them, Hey, I've been telling you I'm a Christian, and I've been living the party life and all that. And that's dead wrong. And that's kind of when I got my thing right.

5. She has four children

Heather is a mum to four beautiful children, three sons, and one girl they welcomed a month ago. The couple had their first son in 2013, whom they named Dallas Carr.

However, when he was born, he had some health issues where his intestines were tangled. He underwent emergency surgery at Children's Hospital Central California to rectify the problem just after 12 hours of being born.

Derek Carr's wife
Heather Neel's newborn daughter, Brooklyn. Photo: @heathercarr4
Source: Instagram

A couple of days later, he had another surgery. He then underwent a third surgery and has been healthy ever since. In 2016, the couple welcomed their second born, Deker Luke Carr. They welcomed their third son in May 2019 and named him Deakon Derek Carr. On November 30, 2020, the couple welcomed their fourth-born daughter, Brooklyn Mae Carr.

With the above glimpse into the life of Derek Carr's wife, Heather Neel, it is clear that they are a close-knit family. They are couple goals to many, especially the fact that they are devoted to their faith and each other and upholding family values. recently shared on December 10 5 interesting facts about Molly Evangeline Goodman. Molly is a famous personality in the entertainment industry. She is a production assistant in the United States of America. She is talented and excellent at what she does daily as an assistant producer. Unlike her actor father, she chose to remain behind the camera and help create beautiful memories.

Evangeline Goodman is the daughter of John Stephen Goodman and Anna Beth Goodman. Her father is a renowned actor where he has featured in several movies such as the series Roseanne that was aired on ABC Television.

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