Ghanaian Mason Transforms Into A Handsome Man After Leaving Ghana For Abroad

Ghanaian Mason Transforms Into A Handsome Man After Leaving Ghana For Abroad

  • A man shared a throwback from his days as a mason in Ghana alongside a recent photo of him overseas, showing how much his life had changed
  • He joined a TikTok trend where social media users contrast their past with their current success, showing off his significant glow-up
  • In his older photos as a mason, the man looked older and unkempt, but in his recent photo, his skin looked transformed and healthy

A Ghanaian man is trending after he took to TikTok to share his remarkable journey from his humble beginnings as a mason in Ghana to his current success overseas.

Ghanaian mason
Ghanaian mason Photo Source: khilla_pop
Source: TikTok

The man, who goes by the name Bismark Boakye, participated in the popular Esther TikTok trend, where netizens contrast their past with their present, showing the world their personal and professional growth. Stars like McBrown have shared their success stories through the trend.

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In the throwback photo, the man could be seen during his days as a mason in Ghana, looking unkempt with his clothes stained with dust, making him unkempt. Compared to his recent look, Bismark looked older in his throwback. In his recent photo, he looked healthy and well-fed as his skin brightened. Ghanaians were stunned by the transformation.

Ghanaian man's throwback stuns many gathered some reactions from social media users.

mercyolamide wrote:

This is the real establishment am happy for you

Ann city body hub plug commented:

You too fine God has really done well


Eiiii ohiaa y3 adi boni o u first look like and old man but when money is involved look how handsome u are looking, life erh

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Eiiiii some work can change your complexion in Ghana paaa ooooo

Solexbrown said:

Oboy it shall not be well with poverty ,, see fine boy hiding under suffering

Erkuah Official joins challenge

In another story, famous TikToker Erkuah Official caused a stir on social media when she dropped her childhood photo for the Esther challenge.

The after photo of her looking unkempt got many people laughing as they expected her to look dazzling.

Many people in the comment section talked about how the video made them laugh. In an exclusive interview below, Erkuah Official opened up about why she did not opt for a glow-up look for the Esther challenge.


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