Tired Mum Ditches Family, Leaves Her 5 Kids With Husband Who Likes Sleeping: "Enough Is Enough!"

Tired Mum Ditches Family, Leaves Her 5 Kids With Husband Who Likes Sleeping: "Enough Is Enough!"

  • A frustrated woman named Laura Ben Salem has walked out of her marriage and left her five kids behind
  • Her bone of contention is that she starts her day at 4.30 am and spends the entire day doing house chores, making her feel overwhelmed
  • What annoys her is that her husband Wassim likes to sleep and refuses to help her around the house

Laura Ben Salem, a 37-year-old from Greenwich, South East London, has walked out on her large family due to what she calls "overworking."

Laura Ben Salem laments that she does all the chores while her husband sleeps.
Laura's husband Wassim (r) believes men should provide for the family while women handle the chores. Photos: Daily Mail.
Source: UGC

She became the face of a growing phenomenon among women who feel overwhelmed by the weight of their household responsibilities.

Laura wakes up at 4.30 am daily

According to Daily Mail, Laura's daily routine is nothing short of exhausting from when she wakes up at 4:30 am to start her day.

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Her chores include managing the needs of her husband, their five children, her parents, and two dogs.

From driving the kids to school to taking her husband, Wassim, to and from his city commute, Laura's day is a marathon of caring for others.

However, when Wassim returns home from work, he prefers to rest, leaving her to handle the cooking, cleaning, and other household chores alone.

"I try to please everybody, I can't use that word NO," Laura confessed, highlighting her struggle with setting boundaries.

Hubby believes women should do all chores

Her husband's traditional Tunisian upbringing, where women are expected to manage the home while men provide financially, adds to her burden.

"I've been brought up in a family that (sic) the mother she’ll look after the children, she'll look after the husband, she'll look after the house," Wassim said in his defense.

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He added that he believes the husband's main task is to provide for the family, so he likes resting after a long day at work.

Laura's breaking point came when she realized her efforts were not reciprocated.

"He doesn't cook, he doesn't clean, he doesn't hoover, he doesn't make the bed, he doesn't do the washing, he doesn't do the drying, he doesn't put the clothes away," she lamented.

Laura's breaking point

Despite expressing her frustrations and threatening to change, Laura feels trapped in endless household chores.

The situation reached a boiling point when Laura decided to go on strike, refusing to continue tidying up after her family until she saw some changes.

"Enough's enough," she declared. "I'm sick and tired of all the work that I keep doing. Putting others first," she concluded.

Whether Laura's protest will spark a wave of change in her family dynamic remains to be seen.

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In another story, a married Nigerian man's TikTok video showcasing him doing household chores, including ironing, tending to his daughter's hair, and sweeping, went viral with over 143k views.

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The man expressed love for his responsibilities and, in another clip, revealed his wife had recently welcomed their second child.

Source: TUKO.co.ke

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