“U Get Mind Tell Your Bro Say You Dey Go Hotel”: Lady Orders Uber Turns Out Her Brother is Driver

“U Get Mind Tell Your Bro Say You Dey Go Hotel”: Lady Orders Uber Turns Out Her Brother is Driver

  • A Nigerian lady who booked an Uber was taken aback to discover her brother behind the wheel, a revelation that has since captivated netizens
  • The clip of the encounter shows the siblings’ astonishment, yet they quickly embrace the humorous side of the situation
  • She noted his timidity upon recognition and sought to alleviate any awkwardness with playful banter

In a twist of fate, a Nigerian lady experienced a delightful surprise when she hailed an Uber, only to find her brother assuming the role of her driver.

This heartwarming incident swiftly captured the fascination of the online community. The video documenting their unexpected reunion showcased the siblings’ initial shock, quickly giving way to a shared sense of lightheartedness.

The brother was surprised to see his sister
The lady tried to make lighthearted jokes. Photo credit: @bor-ddy
Source: UGC

The brother, upon laying eyes on his sister, was momentarily overcome with shyness, a reaction that added a layer of endearing charm to the encounter.

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The sister deftly navigated the situation with a series of light-hearted jests, recognising the bashfulness in her brother's demeanour.

Her efforts to diffuse the tension were met positively, transforming a routine ride into a memorable anecdote that resonates with the warmth of familial bonds.

The story, shared by @bor-dyy and rich in its portrayal of sibling camaraderie, continues to enchant viewers, offering a glimpse into the unexpected ways in which joy can manifest in our daily lives.

Watch the video below:

YEN.com.gh has compiled some of the reactions below:

User98292939 said:

“You didn't see the driver's name?"

Bor dyy responded:

“He's the only one bearing that name, you know.”


“U get mind tell ur brother say u dey go hotel Bcan't be me.”

S Bordyy responded:

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“Enjoy now, later we will discuss the issue periodddd.”


“Who's that yeye girl shouting open the door. Is that your friend? Why would you allow her to talk to your brother like that.”

Thebratt ella:

“@Yettyomowummi that one go surely decline ride once he sees our name.”


“He was shy and shaking at d same time.”


“Why yoU go see him other side naa when you no pay am.”

Luku 9e0:

“The hustle is real.”

Bhadboy moore:

“Popo don carry me for that hotel before.”

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