US-Based Woman Warn Ghana Girls To Stay Away From Husband: "I Will Do You Sheegey"

US-Based Woman Warn Ghana Girls To Stay Away From Husband: "I Will Do You Sheegey"

  • A Ghanaian woman based in the US has taken to social media to warn ladies to stay away from her husband, who is leaving her for a few holidays in Ghana
  • In a video trending on TikTok, the woman says any woman who gets close to her man while he is in Ghana would have her to contend with.
  • She has also told her husband point blank that she would divorce him if she finds him flirting around with the young ladies in Ghana

A US-based woman has caused a stir online after she took to TikTok to warn ladies in Ghana to stay away from her husband, who is returning home for a few holidays.

In the video sighted by, the woman was seen taking a stroll with her husband in what looked like their last moment together before his trip to Ghana.

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US-based woman warns Ghana girls to stay away from husband
The US-based woman and her husband Photo credit: paatanko/TikTok
Source: TikTok

The woman cautioned her husband from going to his motherland to chase young girls, a situation she warned could give her depression and break her heart.

"Make sure you don't go chasing girls in Ghana, If you do that, i will divorce you," she warned.

As she continued to warn her husband on what he was not permitted to do on his trip, the man, who looked unperturbed, retorted and asked his wife to extend the same caution to the ladies in Ghana to stay away from him as they could be too tempting for him to avoid.

You the ladies, if my husband gets to Ghana and i see any of you close to him, I will do you sheegey. He only joined me here recently, but I have asked him to go back to check some levels," she further warned.

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Some media users react

Some social media users who came across the video on the TikTok page of paatanko reacted to it and shared their views.

myolivebella commented:

Madam enkasa bebreee na he has chatted them already..just pray he won't carry anything n bring to you

.NanaSusubribi also commented:

If you are really married and doing this video then there is true happiness and maturity in your relationship.

KWABENA FRIMPONG also said this:

Aaaaa 3nfa madam

abenaahenfie also had this to say

I will be the first person

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She said she had been with him long before he could afford his own car, and that she was not going to sit aloof and watch other women try to wiggle their way into his life now that he has a car.


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