Wife Heartbroken To Learn Hubby Had Extramarital Affair With Her Mother, Sired Some of Her Siblings

Wife Heartbroken To Learn Hubby Had Extramarital Affair With Her Mother, Sired Some of Her Siblings

  • A woman is drowning in anger and bitterness after recently discovering her husband of over 20 years has been having an extramarital affair
  • What makes the affair more painful is that the woman he is cheating with is her biological mother
  • To compound the situation, the timeline of the affair showed that her husband could have sired some of her siblings

A pregnant woman's world has been shattered after discovering her husband's infidelity with none other than her mother.

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The discovery left the woman with feelings of anger and bitterness. Image for illustration purposes only. Photo credits: FG Trade.
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She disclosed that the shocking revelation had left her grappling with the devastating fallout of the affair.

Wife thought she had perfect marriage

The woman, now seven months pregnant, shared her heart-wrenching discovery in a story shared by The Mirror.

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She revealed that the affair had been ongoing for an astonishing 22 years, spanning the entirety of her marriage.

To make matters even more heartbreaking, she discovered that some of her siblings were her husband's biological children.

In her post, the woman explained the close-knit nature of her family and highlighted the seemingly idyllic life they had built together.

Stumbled on hubby in compromising situation

However, her world came crashing down on New Year's Eve when she returned home early from a trip to find her mother and husband in a compromising position.

"My mother screamed at me to get out of "their" bedroom, which really shook me up even more," she recalled.

Despite the devastating betrayal, the woman decided to confront her mother and husband, leading to a dramatic family fallout during a party.

After confronting him, she learned the full extent of the affair, including the shocking revelation that her mother had thrown herself at him when they were just 18 years old.

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Timeline shows siblings could be her husband's

The timeline of the affair suggested that her twin brothers and youngest brother could potentially be her husband's children.

"I ran the math and was horrified because the timeline meant my twin brothers and youngest brother could be my husband's," she explained.

While most of the family supported her decision to expose the affair, some of her siblings and her ex-husband's family criticized her for airing the family's dirty laundry in public.

The fallout from the affair has been profound, with the woman's mother losing her job as a children's pastor and accusations of ruining her mother's reputation.

Drowning in anger and bitterness

The woman herself is now facing the complicated process of divorce and rebuilding her life after the profound betrayal by both her husband and mother.

Reflecting on her ordeal, the woman expressed her deep anger and bitterness towards her mother and ex-husband, vowing never to trust men again.

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She also highlighted the hypocrisy of her mother's actions, criticizing her for shaming her family while engaging in such deceitful behaviour.

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