Bridesmaid Quits Wedding After Going Through Bride's Phone, Finds Chats Making Fun Of Her

Bridesmaid Quits Wedding After Going Through Bride's Phone, Finds Chats Making Fun Of Her

  • A bridesmaid found derogatory messages about herself on the bride's phone during a wedding preparation
  • The messages shared between the bride and maid of honour mocked the bridesmaid's appearance, habits, and past photos
  • Devastated by the betrayal, the bridesmaid left the dress fitting in tears and confronted the bride later

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A bridesmaid has shared her experience of abruptly leaving a wedding dress trial upon discovering hurtful messages about herself on the bride's phone.

Woman discovers bride and maid of honour's mockery during wedding fitting, walks away.
Bridesmaid leaves wedding rehearsal after finding cruel chats mocking her in bride's phone. This is an illustration picture. Photo: Jack Juing.
Source: UGC

She had been entrusted with the role of bridesmaid for her friend's imminent nuptials.

However, during a fitting session, she stumbled upon texts on the bride's phone that mocked her.

Woman discovers bride, maids of honour's mockery

Narrating her story on Reddit, she recounted how she was asked by the bride, whom she pseudonymously called Shelly, to photograph the bridal gowns using her phone to send to Gaby, the chief bridesmaid.

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When she accidentally tapped a notification from Gaby, she inadvertently revealed a string of messages.

To her dismay, she found an image from her Instagram being ridiculed by Shelly and Gaby for her fashion sense, and the mockery didn't stop there.

Compelled by curiosity, she searched her name in their conversation and found numerous photos of herself, posted by her, her partner, or her mother, being harshly criticised.

The insults ranged from her selfies and posed images to childhood photos mocking her speech, hairstyle, and eating habits.

She wrote:

"I admit, curiosity got the best of me so I searched my name in the chat. I found multiple pictures that I, my boyfriend, or my mum have posted of myself, absolutely ripping them to shreds. Ranging from selfies to posed shots to even a few baby pictures. They'd also make fun of me in terms of the way I talked, wore my hair and the way I ate. This went back as far as I could tell, at least a year."

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Bridesmaid heartbroken by friend's betrayal

The bridesmaid was heartbroken by what she saw and left the dress fitting.

She added:

"I was in tears. As someone who was bullied all through middle and high school, it just brought me back to a horrible place. I put the phone in Shelly's purse and brought it to another employee, telling her to tell Shelly that I had to go. I drove home and had a long cry."

Later, when Shelly reached out to inquire about her early exit, the bridesmaid revealed the truth about the messages.

Rather than apologising or explaining, the bride reacted angrily, upset that her private messages had been read.

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