4 Benefits you get when you Live in a Gated Community in Ghana

4 Benefits you get when you Live in a Gated Community in Ghana

Gated Neighbourhoods are some of the most highly regarded and sought-after residential types in Ghana. Most of the gated communities in Ghana cater to a certain social class or status.

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It is therefore not a surprise that such residential neighbourhoods will have premium benefits and certain advantages over other neighbourhood types. Check out these four (4) advantages of living in a gated community.

A well-planned gated community
A well-planned gated community. Photo Source: Heritage Courts by Devtraco Limited.
Source: UGC

Well-Planned Neighbourhood

Gated neighbourhoods are typically very well-planned. They have features such as a good drainage system, street lights and paved roads.

The houses are well arranged that follow beautiful design patterns. In the case of a fire emergency, the fire truck can have access to every location of the neighbourhood. This accessibility can be a major problem in neighbourhoods that are not well-planned such as slums.

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Access to Amenities

Many gated communities come with social amenities that are made accessible to their residents. Some of these are gym facilities, clubhouses, swimming pools and tennis courts.

These facilities are also a way for residents to bond with one another and get to know themselves better.

During celebrations such as Christmas, the management of gated communities tend to throw ‘Christmas parties’ for its residents. Maintenance of such facilities is also a responsibility of the management. Residents may be required to pay an amount monthly to be used for community maintenance.


One of the most prominent features of a gated neighbourhood is the sense of security and privacy it provides. The closed nature of gated communities means that it is easy to spot someone who is not familiar or does not belong in the neighbourhood.

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There are security posts at the entrance of gated communities to ensure that everyone who comes into the estate is scrutinized. They may be required to sign in when they enter and sign out when they are leaving. Gated communities have one of the lowest cases of theft and armed robbery among other residential neighbourhood types.

Gated communities are also shielded from unnecessary noise pollution from public buses and loud blasts from music played by small businesses such as tailoring shops, barbering shops and drinking bars.

Safer Environment for Children

If you are contemplating starting a family, then you want your kids to grow up in an environment that is safe for them.

There are a lot of restrictions in gated communities that make them child-friendly. For instance, there are not many cars in gated communities since cars that do not belong are not allowed in.

There will be fewer cars to cause accidents and you will not have to worry about your children playing outside.

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