Run away from these 7 things if you really want to date a Ghanaian man

Run away from these 7 things if you really want to date a Ghanaian man

Never do these seven things if you are dating a Ghanaian man. The culture of dating and relationships is a very complex one.

Never do these 7 things if you are dating a Ghanaian man
Never do these 7 things if you are dating a Ghanaian man

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Men and women are two different kinds of people both emotionally and physically. One can say men were born on Mars with women also from Venus.

Here in Ghana, the rules of playing the relationship game are out there to see. But sadly enough, most women out there fail to get them right. In this article, we reveal the very things women do that breaks the love codes of Ghanaian men.

1. Leaving traces of yourself in his room

We all know the feeling of wanting to stay with the very one you love. But one phenomenon so many Ghanaian men complain about is how their girlfriends leave behind their personal belongings from toothbrushes to underwears. For Ghana guys, this is so "someway".

2. Failing to respect his privacy

Having a thing with a Ghanaian dude never means ripping him off his privacy rights. Most ladies feel the residence of their boyfriends is their bonafide property but until you are married there is no way his home could be yours.

3. Scaring him with his secrets

The beautiful thing about relationships is when both parties get to share their secrets with each other. This does not only boost trust but also tightens the bond of love. But things most likely go nasty when the lady decides to use the man's secret as a threat of blackmail.

4. Sharing intimate moments of him with friends

Some ladies have this weakness of sharing every detail of their love life with other sisters. This could be cool but trust me, it never ain't cool with a Ghanaian man. Men are born with high self-esteem as this helps them become the best person they wish to be. But things turn out wrong when the very sweet moments both partners share get leaked to the public.

5. Always nagging and complaining

Ask any Ghanaian man what he hates about his girlfriend and the one thing he could say is the thing about "too much complaining and nagging".

6. Failing to accept mistakes

It is the dream of every Ghanaian man to have a lady to concedes defeat whenever she makes a mistake. Failing to accept that you are wrong has the potential of your man losing trust in you and this can ruin your marriage.

7. Refusing to cook

The sourest part of a typical Ghanaian relationship is when the lady flaunts her feminine side in the face of her Ghanaian boyfriend. If you are just not into cooking as a lady it will be best you let this known before entering into any engagement. There's nothing wrong with living up to your beliefs as a woman though.

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