How to make a saddle in Minecraft: The complete guide to complete the task

How to make a saddle in Minecraft: The complete guide to complete the task

Are you a gamer who is adequately invested in playing the Minecraft game? The game may be all about building and crafting things, but not everything can be built because the developer would rather have a player find them than build them. Therefore, instead of learning how to make a saddle in Minecraft, you should want to know where and how you can find one.

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How to make a saddle in Minecraft
A typical Minecraft. Photo: @beta_mcpe1
Source: Twitter

Most popular game players want to know the tricks for making a saddle in Minecraft. The reason is that the saddle is an integral part of the game since it helps you travel great distances in less time. In addition, it is used on animals that you may want to ride. It is almost impossible to steer your animal transport in the direction you wish, even if you have trained it.

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Why can't you make a saddle in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, the game developer does not provide that option. Why they did this is not something anyone knows, but it might just be what helps the game to stand apart since it makes a player go on a journey of searching.

What do you need to craft a saddle in Minecraft?

Now that you know that crafting a saddle is impossible, how and where to find one becomes imperative. Interestingly, there are several ways and places to find the saddle, depending on your game mode. Below is a list of different game modes and details of how you can get a saddle in each.

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Creative mode

To find the saddle in this mode, you need to scroll to and click on the Equipment Tab under the creative menu. This is for those who play the newer Bedrock edition of the Minecraft game. If you are still stuck with the old version, you will find the saddle in the transportation icon.

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Survival mode

The Minecraft saddle recipe for those playing in this Minecraft mode will have them going through any of the following processes:

1. Open the dungeon chests

First, you have to know what a dungeon looks like and where you would find one, then go ahead to search for it. When you find a dungeon, do these:

  • Look inside all of the chests that you can find in there
  • See if you will be lucky enough to find a saddle

2. Ransack the Nether Fortress chests

To get to the Nether Fortress, you must create a nether portal to transport you to that realm. After locating the fortress and warding off possible dangers, the next thing is to pop open the chests in there and hope that somehow you find a saddle in one of those.

How to make a saddle in Minecraft
A horse in Minecraft. Photo: @minecraft
Source: Twitter

3. Fishing

Well, yes, this may look like the most unlikely of scenarios, but a few players have found a saddle instead of a fish after throwing their fishing lines into the water. So, the chances are meagre, but you may be among that small percentage that gets lucky.

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Can you craft a saddle in Minecraft?

A player can also get saddles through the following means:

1. Saddle trading

In this method of knowing how to craft a saddle, you will go around the village looking for people who deal in leather works. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that this option is only possible for players already in the third level. But then, do not fret if you aren't because you can remedy this by selling Rabbit hides, emeralds, flints, and leather, among a host of other related materials, to the villager.

2. Checking chests in abandoned Mineshafts

These are usually under the ground and look so deserted with the strings of cobwebs everywhere, which you must cut off with shears. Mineshafts can also be located in Badlands Biomes, where Baddies, skeletons, and giant spiders are norms.

3. Rummaging through desert temples

Whenever you come across a temple in the desert, you should take the opportunity to go through the hole at the centre of it, which leads underground. You will find a few chests here that you can burst open and hope to see a saddle in one or more of them.

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4. End City saddle search tour

It is not so easy to detect as the name sounds because you have to conquer the Ender Dragon at the End. The exciting thing is that an Ender Pearl is provided, which allows you to transport to End City, where you can locate an End Ship laden with goodies that will most likely include a saddle.

5. Raid the Jungle Temples

It is challenging to locate these because vines and trees conceal them; however, they are easily distinguishable by their structure made of vines and Cobblestones, which could be mossy or not. You must enter inside, disable every trap you see and then go ahead to loot the temple, and hopefully, how to make a saddle is a question that you will not be asking in a while.

How to make a saddle in Minecraft
With a saddle, you can move your animal in your desired direction. Photo: @JEKCaptain
Source: Twitter

Now that you likely know where and how to find a saddle, the next step should be using the saddle in your horse, pig, or mule. Well, before this, you must ensure that your horse is tamed. Otherwise, you will be continuously thrown off in your attempts to saddle it.

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How to tame a horse in Minecraft

To tame a horse for smooth saddling involves various simple methods depending on how you play the game.

  • If you play on a mobile device, tap on the mount button
  • If you use a console, then the best way to tame your horse is to toggle on the left trigger
  • If you are playing on your personal computer, you need to right-click.

You can saddle your horse without fear of being thrown to the floor with these steps. Yet, if this happens, you are to repeat the processes above depending on the device you use to play.

How do you make an easy saddle in Minecraft?

If you find the methods mentioned above of finding a saddle in the game a bit tasking and want the easy route, there is another route, except that it is not usually encouraged.

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All you need to do is use the creative mode to create a new world, and you will automatically get access to everything that the Minecraft game offers, including saddles. Below are options on how you can go about this, depending on the software you are playing on.

  • If you are using Windows 10/Mobile, go to Settings, and then Game to activate Cheats.
  • If the Console is your thing, then all you need do is go to Settings, find Cheats, and activate it.
  • If you are into the Java Edition, open LAN, allow cheats by switching it on and start the LAN World.

NB: You must follow the steps above any time that you load the world

Hopefully, the above steps have shown you how to make a saddle in Minecraft. Now you know that crafting a saddle is all about going to the right places and not making the saddle yourself, this knowledge will help you make the most of your horse, mule, or pig during transportation.

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