5 powerful phrases that would move any Ghanaian lady better than "I love you"

5 powerful phrases that would move any Ghanaian lady better than "I love you"

Words are very powerful and like it as we may not, some words are so powerful that they can literally move mountains. The mood of someone can easily be shift from a negative state to a positive state just by the mention of some words.

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5 powerful phrases that would move any Ghanaian lady better than "I love you"

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It has always been said that when it comes to women, they are easily moved by what they hear more than what they see and the opposite is true for men.

A man can express his love for a woman in many ways but one sure way to move a woman to tears is through words.

All women love to be in love and a sure way to keep a woman in love is to keep reassuring her of your feelings and intentions for her. Sometimes, saying “I love you” is not what a lady wants to hear.

Today, YEN.com.gh brings you 5 phrases that mean more than "I love you" to a Ghanaian lady.

1. “I have forgiven you”

When a lady offends you, she would always want to do everything to get you to forget whatever thing that made you angry. When a woman hears these words from her man, it reassures her of his love and puts all her doubts to rest. To her, it means you are willing to look above her flaws and give her another chance.

2. “I am so lucky to have you”

These words would make any Ghanaian lady blush no matter the person she gets this compliment from. These words sometimes are stronger and have more meaning to many ladies better than, “I love you”. “I am so lucky to have you” implies that everything that is done is appreciated.

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3. "I trust you"

Nothing moves a Ghanaian lady more than these set of words. It is an implication that a man can rely on the lady and will be comfortable to talk about anything at all with the lady. It goes deeper to the soul of many ladies than just saying, “I love you”.

4. “I am here for you”

Nothing assures a lady of her man’s love than his constant presence and support in all situations and circumstances. Sometimes, all a lady needs is the presence of her man and his reassuring words or words of encouragement. To some women, the presence of a guy means much more than, “I love you”.

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5. "You are the best thing that has happened to me"

To tell a Ghanaian lady this is tantamount to saying that her presence in your life means so much to you and has made you a better version of yourself as her man. These words boosts a lady’s self-worth and confidence and whenever she hears them, saying “I love you” would just be a bonus.

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