7 reasons all Ghanaian women must try dating a "trotro" mate

7 reasons all Ghanaian women must try dating a "trotro" mate

Are you tired of venturing into a relationship with every and any kind of man that you are so disappointed in the idea of attempting a relationship again?

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Most of us women, have had high expectations from men who held themselves so highly of respect that we thought having a relationship with them was all there is to love?

7 reasons all Ghanaian women must try dating a "trotro" mate
7 reasons all Ghanaian women must try dating a "trotro" mate

Well, you have been very disappointed for the past years and probably lost interest in dating men. But maybe your expectations are just too high as a Ghanaian woman. Maybe it's time to ease up your expectations and explore other "unusual way".

In this article, YEN.com.gh takes you to the unusual as we explore the reasons why maybe dating a "trotro mate" is the best option for you.

1. There is no time for a "trotro mate" to cheat

These are men who just don't have the time and luxury to be dating someone else. They have a limited budget and so interested in not messing up their lives with ladies. Dating such a person will reduce the heartbreaks and also the pain of losing your boyfriend. Remember that cheating is one of the major reasons for broken marriages and relationships. This is the best time to have someone you love stick closest to you and a driver's mate does that best.

2. They are conscious of money.

The job description of any driver's mate is to manage and collect transport fares, meaning they handle money quite often. This mentally demanding job description naturally imbibes in them the natural capacity handle money and take the right financial decisions. A man who is very conscious with money will always provide for you the needed financial security you most need at this pressing time of financial insecurity.

3. They are contempt with what they have

Look at the life of any driver's mate and you will appreciate the gift of being contempt with anything no matter how bitter or challenging it tends to be. Even though their jobs are less respected, they still have the hope of better things to come. It is this spirit of courage that every woman needs in a man.

4. They work in an environment where girls cannot hit on them

Most ladies chose their guys on the face value. They admire guys based on their looks and smell. In this case, they will never fall for a driver's mate and that's where your security comes in. Considering his job description, you could get married and sleep comfortably all night knowing very well he is safe from flirtatious women.

5. They have learnt lessons on humility

It's not easy being a driver's mate. It's very difficult and challenging looking at the pressure, risks and demeaning nature attached to it. It is in the pressure and anguish that they learn the fortitude of humility. The job of a driver's mate has more to do with good communication skills, empathy and fellow feeling. Having a man with all these is the best you can ever have.

6. They always aim for the best

It is not the dream of a driver's mate to always stay a driver's mate. These young men always aim for the best in their lives; owning their own vehicle to become a driver themselves or even venture into a different career of dignity. You need such urge of adventure in your relationship and this kind of a man is all that could make things look better.

7. They are physically active

No woman wants to marry or date a guy who is so sedentary like a Christmas chicken, It is very important to have someone who is always active and intense. A driver's mate is the best bet for you in this respect. A physically active person is always going to be the best choice you can ever make in a relationship.

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