Best Ghanaian dishes for supper

Best Ghanaian dishes for supper

Easy Ghanaian food recipes are hard to find. Every food lover knows just how tasty West African cuisine is, which means having a Ghanaian dish for your supper today might be the best decision you make. Here is a quick summary of the tasty dishes, desserts and drinks from Ghana.

Best Ghanaian dishes

Authentic Ghanaian recipes

Ghanaian food is generally mouth-watering. Its preparation is easy and if you have not tasted good food yet then you have got to visit Ghana, and make sure to taste the delicacies. In Ghana, there is something for everyone.

Tasty Ghanaian cuisine for you to try today

Ghanaian cuisine has a variety of dishes. Most of the food is spicy, and very appealing to the eye. For people who do not like spices, there is non-spiced Ghanaian food that is still very sumptuous. There are specific course meals, desserts, salads and drinks that make up an amazing cuisine. Here are a number of dishes that are all time favorites

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Jollof rice Ghana

This is no ordinary rice. It is cooked with plenty of tomato sauce which results to a striking orange color. It is served with meat or fish and is a very famous dish in Ghana. Jollof rice is served with Ghanaian chicken soup which is cooked with ginger, pepper, garlic, onions and tomatoes.

Jollof rice served with meat and peppers
Jollof rice served with meat and peppers

Ghana food fufu

Fufu is a very easy Ghanaian food recipe that is loved in Ghana It’s a mixture of boiled cassava and plantains which results to a soft paste. The Ghanaian stew is made of spinach, chicken or tomatoes. The tomatoes are fried with oil and cayenne pepper and thyme is added.

Ghanaian fufu served with fish
Ghanaian fufu served with fish

Ghanaian food Waakye

Waakye is an awesome combination of beans and rice that is served with plantain or with the popularly known garri which is grated cassava, accompanied by spaghetti and avocado. Waakye is an easy Ghana foods because it takes a short time to cook.

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Banku and tilapia

Tilapia is a common delicacy in Ghana. Banku is a mixture of fermented corn and the dough of cassava, tomatoes and onions. Banku is served with tilapia. In most areas especially the cape coast, tilapia is very common and is grilled in most restaurants and along the streets of Ghana.

Banku and Tilapia

Ghanaian desserts

Ghanaian side dishes are the desserts such us the peanut cake and drinks like the kelewele. Most of the desserts in Ghana are made of bananas. This is because bananas are readily available in most parts of the country and are a staple food in Ghana. The following are the names of desserts in Ghana;

Banana peanut cake

Banana peanut cake is no ordinary Ghanaian desert. Normal flour that makes a cake is combined with cream that includes peanuts, bananas and cinnamon. Its taste is very unique and this dessert might make you want to relocate to Ghana.

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Kelewele dessert is not sweet, but this is the dessert for the vegans and for weight losers. Bananas are fried with onions, ginger, garlic and olive oil. They are topped with nuts and chillies. The result is a very healthy dessert, that is good for the heart.

Kelewele served with nuts

Ghanaian drinks recipe

A drink is an icing to the cake of any meal. In Ghana, things are done differently. You have got to taste the amazing drinks that Ghana has to offer. Some of them are;

Sobolo /Bissap

Sobolo Ghana drink is formed from Roselle leaf a common herb extracted from the Roselle plant. The leaves are boiled in hot water and the juice is extracted. It is then chilled and served when cold. It can be mixed with ginger and pineapple juice for a rich taste. This drink is very healthy and is known to cure a variety of digestive diseases.

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Palm wine

Unlike the normal wine extracted from the grapes, this Ghanaian drink is a special type of wine that is extracted from the palm tree. Its rich taste is unforgettable and leaves you craving for more.


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