Tonaton: How to register and sell online in Ghana

Tonaton: How to register and sell online in Ghana

Tonaton is one of the leading online buying and selling sites in Ghana. It was started in 2013 to provide a platform where Ghanaians could buy a diverse range of items online but locally. The word ‘Tonaton’ means “buy and sell” which is an appropriate description for this e-commerce site. Its roots came from the belief that the best deals are made between people living in the same street or city. If you have decided to try this platform to sell your products, then you need to know how to register and sell efficiently on Tonaton.

Tonaton: How to register and sell online in Ghana
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Setting up an account on Tonaton is a straightforward process. With an account, you will be able to add your products to the e-commerce shop. The best part is that your products will be displayed online immediately and buyers can get in touch with you. But before creating an account on one of the largest e-commerce sites in Ghana, it is essential to know what you can sell and what is restricted.

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What can you sell on Tonaton?

The platform has many categories of items and services that you can sell, and they include:

  • Rental and commercial properties, plots, and land
  • Vehicles and motorbikes
  • Electronics
  • Home and gardening products
  • Pets and animals
  • Clothing and beauty products
  • Books and magazines
  • Jobs in Ghana
  • Services to businesses and consumers
  • Business and industry services
  • Fresh vegetables and agricultural products

All these categories and more provide you with an opportunity to sell your product or service to both individuals and corporate customers. If these categories fit items or services that you can sell, then you are ready to register and start selling.

How to register on Tonaton

Tonaton: How to register and sell online in Ghana
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To sell on Tonaton, you need to register by opening a personal account on the website. You can either open with your email or Facebook account. If you choose to register with your email, here are the steps to follow:

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  • Visit the Tonaton signup page
  • Enter your full names
  • Enter a valid email address
  • Create a password
  • Confirm the password
  • Click on “Sign Up”

You will then receive a link in your email and instructions on how to verify your account.

Using Facebook, you will be prompted to log in with your credentials, and you are good to go. Once the account has been created and activated, you can now post your advertisement on the platform.

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How to advertise on Tonaton

These are the steps you need to follow to create an advertisement on Tonaton.

  • Create an account by signing up with Facebook or email
  • Log in if you have an account
  • Click on the yellow “Post Your Ad” box
  • Click on “Sell Something”
  • Choose either an item or service
  • Select the appropriate category
  • Fill all your location prompts
  • Add an original photo on “Add Photo”
  • Select the condition status of your item
  • Choose the applicable model and edition of the item
  • Enter the description of your product (the limit is 5,000 characters)
  • Enter the price
  • Activate the ‘Negotiable’ box if preferred
  • Add a contact phone number. Here you can hide the contact information and only allow the potential buyers that click on the ad to view or make it public for all visitors to see.
  • Click on “Post Ad”

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After creating the ad, wait for a review from the site. This may take up to an hour during office hours. Once it has been approved, the ad will now go live on Tonaton.

Creating an add through the Tonaton app

Tonaton: How to register and sell online in Ghana
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You can also use the Tonaton app to create an ad and follow up on your sales anywhere anytime. Here are the directions on how to download the Tonaton app:

Once the installation is complete, open the app and sign up if it’s your first visit. You will only need to log in if you already have an account. Follow all the prompts above to create an ad, wait for the review, and watch it go live.

Tips on how to create ads that sell on Tonaton

Knowing how to sell on Tonaton comes with the quality of the ad. So, how do attractive ads on this platform look like? They have:

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Providing accurate details about your product or service will attract more views. Add keywords to your product description that customers usually use to rake in the clicks and sales. For example, if you are selling phones on Tonaton, then make sure to indicate things like the camera quality and screen size.

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Real photos

Use actual and clear photos of your products. Ads that come with photos get ten times more clicks and help lead to quick sales.

A competitive price

Research the price that buyers are willing to pay for your product from other successful similar ads and come up with an appropriate amount.

Utilize ad promotions

The paid promotions will increase views on your ads and help to sell faster.

Rules to follow when creating advertisements

There are several rules to follow when creating ads on Tonaton. Some of them are:

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  • Do not add photos with watermarks on your advertisement
  • Do not post an item or service that is not located in Ghana
  • Offensive language and pictures are not allowed
  • Reposting a replica of a previous ad within seven days is prohibited
  • Posting multiple items in one ad is also prohibited.

Breaching these rules would lead to Tonaton considering it as fraud and pulling it down.

Strategic advertising on Tonaton

A regular ad is free and stays on the site for 60 days unless you pull it down before this period is over. The downside with free ads is that there are limitations as to how many you can post per month.

However, if you are looking to sell quickly and to target specific customers, a membership package will prove efficient for your campaign. With the package, you are entitled to extra tools that will help promote your advertisements and increase your sales.

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The extra benefits of a paid membership include:

  • Unlimited number of ads
  • No expiry for ads
  • A page dedicated to your business and products
  • Ad promotions
  • A support team to help you post your ads

Effective ad-positioning strategies for your products

Tonaton: How to register and sell online in Ghana
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Tonaton also offers other paid advertising products that can help you position your ads more strategically. You can contact their sales team to access these products.

They include:


Your advertisement will be placed near the navigation bar giving it a strategic position where all customers can easily see it. It is customized for both mobile and desktop.

Large mobile banner

Double the size of the leaderboard, the ad is placed just before the links on each page, giving it high viewership on mobile.

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The ad is placed in a square that appears on all the related ad pages. This is efficient when trying to reach a particular audience and is customized for both mobile and desktop.

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The ad is placed on all search result pages giving it a high customer reach and is customized for desktop only.

All these products can help you to sell your products and services faster and easier on Tonaton. Make sure to choose the appropriate product for you and watch your sales improve gradually.

Tonaton contact information

If you have any queries concerning your advertisement, you can reach the support team by:

  • Phone: 0302 746 911 (call between 9.00 am-4.00 pm)
  • Contact form: Visit the contact form on their website
  • Social media: They have active Facebook and Twitter accounts

Registering and selling on Tonaton is no hassle as the steps provided above will make the process fast and smooth for you. Creating advertisements for your product or service can be achieved on a desktop or the Tonaton mobile app. If you follow all the posting rules, your ad should be live within an hour. You can use free ads for specific categories or boost your ads for more viewership and sales. With all these tips, you should be able to make impressive sales on Tonaton.

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