Jen Stein, Mike Birbiglia's wife bio, age, family, poetic work

Jen Stein, Mike Birbiglia's wife bio, age, family, poetic work

Jen Stein is an American poet and writer. She has written five chapbooks and tens of poems. However, Jen is more popular because of her marriage with Mike Birbiglia, a renowned standup comedian. Although she has pointed out that she prefers being introverted, her latest publication has forced the poet to do interviews with different media outlets.

Jen Stein
Mike Birbiglia and Jen Stein attend the opening night of "Mike Birbiglia: The New One" at the Cherry Lane Theatre. Photo: Cindy Ord
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Besides Jen's less-known background, Jen’s personality inspired Birbiglia’s latest special. The comedian, in the latest Netflix special, painted his wife as a powerful and understanding woman. He also shared how Jen was understanding, especially when struggling with parenting.

Jen Stein profile summary

  • Name: Jen Stein
  • Year of birth: 1980
  • Place of birth: USA
  • Age: 41 years
  • Profession: Writer, creative director, and poet
  • College: University of Michigan
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Jewish
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches
  • Weight: 61 kg
  • Relationship status: Married
  • Husband: Mike Birbiglia
  • Child: Oona Birbiglia
  • Net worth: $1.2 million

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Jen stein age, early life, family, and education

Jen Stein was born in 1980 in the USA. Even though she has never disclosed her exact birthdate, the poet is turning 41 in 2021. So, she is two years younger than Birbiglia.

Where is Jen Stein from? The poet is from New York. Like most Jewish families growing up in the 1980s, she had the freedom to explore pop culture and discover Judaism. Unfortunately, she is not practising religion as of now.

In 1982, Jen’s parents divorced. However, she was lucky as her parents agreed on joint custody. Together with her siblings, Trisha Brooke Stein and Jason Stein, Jen spent time with her dad and mother.

Her mother was a music publisher and one of the best music writers at the time. Even though she did not work with any major labels, she interacted with major musicians at the time. On the other hand, Jen’s father, Alan Stein, loved music and introduced her to more music on the weekends.

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Jen started school in New York before going to New England College. After graduating and getting an office job, she enrolled in graduate studies at the University of Michigan. The two institutions have reshaped how she views art and other forms of expression, such as poetry and writing.


Jen Stein
Mike Birbiglia and Jen Stein attend RADiUS With The Cinema Society & Brooks Brothers Host The New York Premiere Of "Adult Beginners" at AMC Lincoln Square Theater. Photo: Monica Schipper
Source: Getty Images

Jen Stein married Mike Birbiglia in 2008. Before their private wedding, they had known each other for a few years. Even though the two have never disclosed details such as how they met, they probably met on the job, as they are good writers and poets.

The 2008 marriage, according to Birbiglia, was a chance for him to start a new life. Through his specials, the comedian has shared stories on how Jen has helped him regain focus, especially in his comedy career. Together, they are parents to Oona Birbiglia.

However, she has never shared pictures of the six-year-old. Instead, the poet only shares photos of her drawings and school progress on her social media. Mike Birbiglia and Jen Stein have struggled with parenting.

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In recent interviews, the two have opened up about their experience of bringing Oona up as the first child. For example, Mike struggles to accept his new title as somebody’s dad. In addition to being open about their struggles, especially on parenting, they have collaborated on different projects. For example, they have co-authored a book together.


After quitting her office job after marrying the comedian, Jen started pursuing different interests. Some of her career highlights in the past decade include:

As a poet

Jen Stein loves identifying as a poet, even though she has other interests such as writing and directing. Poetry has helped her to overcome her childhood trauma. The form of art also gives her a safe space to express her feelings and, more importantly, document her journey through motherhood.

She also draws a lot of inspiration from pop culture, especially considering her husband is part of the ever-expanding industry. However, unlike other sources of inspiration, pop culture is the most dynamic one and, therefore, perfect.

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Thanks to her diversity, Jen Stein’s works have appeared in some of the publications. For example, some of her poetry pieces have been published in the New York Times.

The poet also has a website purely for poetry. Unlike in publications where the poems are not regularly published, she puts at least one project in a month. Thanks to the quality, lack of paywall on the website, and consistency, the poet reaches her fans easily.

As a writer

Jen started writing early. In different interviews during her tour to promote her new release, she confessed that she has always been a writer. However, she was unsure how the world would receive her projects, especially considering she has an unorthodox approach to writing.

Her new book, Little Astronaut, has received positive feedback, especially from independent reviewers. Thanks to the success of the book, Jen may release other unpublished works.

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The poet also co-authored Birbiglia’s latest release, The New One. Unlike her solo project, she collaborated with her husband, who was writing the book. While they did not intend to release the book together, the similarity in the scope inspired them to combine efforts and release a joint project.

A creative director

In most Mike Birbiglia specials and comedy projects, Jen is credited as a creative director. While it is unclear whether she is involved in writing some of the comedian routines, Jen helps him polish up his work.

While she has only worked with her husband, Jen's background in writing and poetry makes her a priceless accessory to Birbiglia's comedy career. Also, her contribution is arguably one reason why the comedy special received a massive buzz on Netflix.

A parenting advocate

Jen Stein
Mike Birbiglia and Jen Stein attend "Mike Birbiglia: Thank God For Jokes" Opening Night at the Lynn Redgrave Theatre. Photo: Bryan Bedder
Source: Getty Images

Mike Birbiglia’s wife is also involved in different parenting campaigns. In her experience, Jen noticed that most parents have traumas that affect their relationships with their young children. Through her work and the platforms, she has been advocating for trauma awareness for new parents.

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Jen net worth and income streams

Jen Stein’s net worth is $1.2 million as of 2021. Since she is married to the comedian, she shares Birbiglia's $4 million fortune. Also, the two have been open about their collective approach to investment and growing their wealth together.

Besides Jen and Birbiglia’s collective approach to investment, the poet has multiple distinctive income streams. First, she earns an income from book sales. Also, some of her poems have appeared in major publications such as the New York Times and other publications.

In the last five years, she has been part of Birbiglia’s comedy career. Like other professionals involved in making comedy specials, Jen earns an income as a writer and creative director. Unfortunately, her net income from comedy is unknown.

How much did Bill & Jen Stein sell their house? Unfortunately, the couple has not released the details about the transaction or who the buyer was. However, the couple has done multiple interviews from their new home in recent months.

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Jen Stein has been instrumental in Birbiglia’s life. Besides being a supportive wife to the comedian, she has started showing her work after many years of insecurities about her poems. They have also co-authored a book, which shares their different experience of being first-time parents in the USA. shared Cardi B songs, net worth, age, and profile. Due to her sensational songs, she has earned the love of many fans across the world. She has also worked alongside the world's famous artists to release startling tunes.

Unlike a few female rappers, Cardi has worked her way up to become the star she is today. Judging by her achievements, she is a force to reckon with.

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