Commercial Mushroom Farming in Ghana for Beginners

Commercial Mushroom Farming in Ghana for Beginners

Mushroom farming in Ghana for beginners is an exciting venture because you do not have to own a large farm to start. The fact that you can get it done indoors is attractive too. Many farmers in Ghana are embracing mushroom farming because of the high returns it guarantees. It is easy to venture into and requires reasonable amounts of capital. With excellent hygiene, you will be reaping great benefits in a matter of weeks.

Mushroom Farming in Ghana for Beginners

Mushroom farming has become the new gold mine in Ghana with most farmers rushing to get a piece of the pie. Fortunately there exist companies and organizations ready to take potential farmers through the procedures for mushroom farming for beginners. Those who want to venture into this business need to beware of the mushroom production process since it is not easy but the proceeds are worth the pain.

The mushroom growing industry in Ghana has recently been revived as more people are becoming aware of the benefits of consuming mushroom. The once forgotten gold mine is slowly picking the interest of a few adults an youths that were once unemployed. With increased demand, the promising venture opens up income earning opportunities for these farmers. Mushroom is an excellent protein substitute for the Ghanaians that cannot afford protein sources such as fish, meat and other high end protein foods. Mushroom is an affordable option for most people.

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Starting a mushroom farm – what it takes

To be a success in any kind of farming you need to understand the basics. For you to start a mushroom farm you need to know the procedures involved. These are as follows.

  1. Prepare the substrate for growing the mushroom on
  2. Bag up the ready substrate
  3. Sterilized the bagged substrate
  4. Inoculate the substrate which involves putting the spawn
  5. Grow the spawn in the incubation room for 4 to 6 weeks in the dark
  6. Crop the mushroom by transferring them to a room where they are allowed to get some light which stimulates their growth
  7. Harvest the mushroom after three months
Mushroom Farming in Ghana for Beginners

Mushroom farming profitability

The profits earned from mushroom is guaranteed because the sale for this product is consistent as the market demand increases daily. If you are into mushroom farming for profit then you are on the right track. Farmers that took the risk and started mushroom farming projects have had their lives turn around. In fact, there is a higher chance of farmers earning more money and making better profits if they can venture into large scale production. This would also translate to high employment opportunities.

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Small scale commercial mushroom growing in Ghana – reasons for curtailed expansion

Most of the farmers practicing mushroom farming in Ghana do it on a small scale because of the numerous challenges they face. Most of them are unaware of where to get live spawn thus experience regular production failure which does not motivate them to expand. In addition to this, the farmers have no information on credit and finance services hence cannot access the much needed capital to expand their production.

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How to start mushroom farming in Ghana – use what you have

Mushroom farming is not an expensive venture to start in Ghana. All you need is a little capital to buy the spawn and you are good to go. Most of the other substances such as substrate can be recycled as they are byproducts around the house. With a smart mind, you can turn your home waste into an income earner. Understand the basics and know where you will get genuine spawns.

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Cost of starting a mushroom farm – think cheap

Most people have withdrawn from guaranteed profits because they thought they needed a lot of money. You do not have to build any special structures. Free up a room in your home and use it for the mushroom growing venture. You can always control light and temperatures by covering up when necessary. Use substrates from what is readily available such as cassava peeling sand sawdust which will not cost you a thing. Spare some money for the spawn because you have to get genuine ones to guarantee production. Compared to other capital intensive ventures, mushroom is very affordable to start.

Mushroom Farming in Ghana for Beginners

Mushroom cultivation business plan – know your costs to manage your expectations

Rather than become disappointed, having a business plan for this venture is a smart move that prepares you for any eventuality. You can always predict your potential earnings from the projections of your investment. A business plan will be a perfect guide to monitor your progress.

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Most profitable mushroom to grow in Ghana – choose a market variety that is attractive to buyers

There are numerous varieties to choose from. However, for economic purposes invest in what is bought the most. Ghanaians usually prefer to grow volvariella volvacea, oyster mushrooms and shiitakes.

Mushroom production technology – biotechnology is the way to go

While there are some people who believe that cultivated mushroom is not healthy, there needs to be more training to sensitize consumers. The demand for mushroom cannot be sustained with natural mushroom hence the need to grow mushroom in substrates. Doing it right is what matters.

Mushroom has the potential to change the lives of Ghanaians economically and health wise. This kind of farming should be encouraged and promoted to grow.

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