How to transfer Vodafone data bundle

How to transfer Vodafone data bundle

Vodafone provides one of the most reliable and secure mobile network and internet services across the world. They also offer a wide range of affordable data options to meet the needs of their loyal customer base in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and North America. Once you subscribe to a data plan as a customer, you can share with your friends and loved ones, which is why knowledge of how to transfer Vodafone data bundle is essential.

How do you convert airtime into data Vodacom?
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Vodafone Group PLC is a foremost British multinational telecommunications company located in Newbury, Berkshire, England. Although this telecommunications company is headquartered in London, England, it provides services in the regions of Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. Currently, Vodafone owns and operates networks in over 25 countries and has partner networks in 47 other countries globally.

How to transfer Vodacom data

Can Vodacom data be transferred? Yes, it can, and the exciting part of it all is that when you want to transfer the internet bundle in Vodafone, you do not have to pay any fee for the service. If you are on any of Webmaster, Browser, Office, Downloader, Streamer, and VF One Family plans, you have the freedom of transferring an active monthly data bundle to any mobile number on the network that you have linked.

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Also, note that there are three methods that you can choose from when you are doing a Vodacom data transfer: USSD, Vodafone app, or through the self-care portal. So, depending on the option you have chosen, the processes involved in how to transfer Vodafone bundle are explained below:

How to transfer Vodafone data bundle using USSD code

These steps will help you transfer internet bundle on Vodafone:

  1. First, dial *700# and choose the option that applies. If you don't have enough bundle, you can also buy before sharing
  2. Choose from the variety of packages that pop up on the screen of your device
  3. Once you have settled that, you will need to press 4. Afterwards, you will be asked to input the mobile number of the recipient
  4. Choose how much data you are transferring and confirm.
How to transfer Vodafone data bundle
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Using the app to share data on Vodafone

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For you to use this option, you need to have the "My Vodafone App" installed on your device. In case you don't have it yet, you can download it from your app store. Once that is done, you need to sign in, and then, you will be able to do all you wish to do.

Kindly note that transferring data to a mobile device from your fixed broadband takes a different procedure. Whether for your mobile number or someone else's, the first step in the process is to link the Fixed Broadband account and the Vodafone mobile number.

From any Vodafone mobile number, dial *900# and then choose 1 from the options that show up on the device. Also, select 3, which will grant you access to sharing the data. Then, follow the subsequent instructions. The only limitation with this option is that you can only link a number once in 30 days.

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Self-care portal

One of the often asked questions has been, "How do I share my Vodafone bundle on GH?" If that is your concern, the steps to follow to transfer Vodacom data online are explained below:

  1. Visit the official self-care portal
  2. If you already have your sign in details, log in. In case you don't have one yet, you will have to register first to be able to use the portal.
  3. From there, you can buy bundles using your airtime or have it charged to your monthly bill.

How to check data balance on Vodafone

As you use your data and share it with others, it is crucial to keep an eye on its usage to avoid running out. To monitor how much you have used from your internet bundle and what you have left, all you need to do is dial *126# from the Vodafone number that you used for subscribing. Irrespective of the kind of internet you use, whether GPRS, 2G, 3G, or 4G, the code should work well for you.

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How to transfer Vodafone data bundle
Source: UGC

However, bear in mind that if you allowed Pay As You Go (PAYG) browsing, to check your primary balance and whatever is allocated to you, what you need to do is dial *124#. This means that the *126# USSD code will only work if you want to check the allocated bundle that you have left.

How do you convert airtime into data Vodacom?

Apart from sharing your data with others, another exciting service available on the network is the opportunity to convert your airtime into data and send it to your loved ones. The process involved is explained below:

  1. Dial *700# from your mobile number.
  2. Among the options that pop up, press 4.
  3. Next, choose the kind of data that you want to send to the recipient.
  4. Also, select the volume that you intend to send based on the total airtime credit you have left in your account.
  5. Choose to pay with airtime.
  6. Type in the Vodafone number of the receiver.
  7. You would be requested to enter your pin. If you have not used the service before, type in the default pin, which is 1234.
  8. Lastly, press 1 for confirmation, and that settles it.

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Sharing your data with your family and friends is one way to show them love and care. Apart from that, when you urgently need data, and you have run out of credit to subscribe, this exciting service makes it easy for you to request for data from another Vodafone customer quickly. This is why it is imperative to learn how to transfer Vodafone data bundle.

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