10 of the best movie houses in Ghana and their respective locations

10 of the best movie houses in Ghana and their respective locations

What is your favourite film? Whichever title it is, imagine watching it in a private space with the best seat possible. In Ghana, there are private theatres known as movie houses where people can enjoy their favourite films in private. Their popularity has increased, and so has the demand. Which is the best movie house in Ghana? Discover the best ones around you.

Movie house
A high-end home theatre room. Photo: EricVega
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What does movie house mean? It is a building where people can book and come and watch various films in the comfort of a cabin or room, similar to an Airbnb. These places can sometimes be mistaken for hotels, but they aim to provide a safe and private environment for people to enjoy films.

Best movie houses in Ghana

If you are looking for the best movie house in Ghana, you will be glad to know that the options are many. From Accra to Kumasi and Tamale, private theatres are a popular trend embraced by a majority of the population in the country. But which ones are the best-rated ones? Below are the ten most frequented movie houses in Ghana, including their locations.

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1. Exclusive Movie House

  • Location: 31st St, Accra, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 54 785 4033

If you want a movie house in Kaneshie, the Exclusive Movie House on 31st St, Accra, Ghana, is the perfect place. The venue offers 24-hour service with different private rooms depending on the package you pay for. It is 6 minutes from the Banku Junction bus station.

2. Index Movies

Movie house
Some of the suites at Index Movies in K514 Nii Obaayoo St Adjiringanor Ghana. Photo: @indexmoviesltd on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Location: K514 Nii Obaayoo St Adjiringanor Ghana
  • Post: GPS GD-211-3796, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 30 291 9555

If you are in the East Legon region in Ghana, you might be familiar with the Index Movies. It is one of the most popular in the area. It is a 24-hour facility offering various levels of entertainment depending on your pocket. Charges are GHc70/60/50 per flick, with the highest (GHc70) coming with washrooms, while the other two share facilities.

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3. 5Star Movie House

Movie house
Popcorn on an armchair cinema. Photo: enjoyphoto80
Source: Getty Images
  • Location: Tunga, Accra, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 30 230 6071/055 310 1947

5Star Movie House is among the most frequented private theatres in Tunga, Accra, Ghana. The premise offers some of the best services in the area and is famous for its location, amenities and film selection. According to its website, you can get a quote and directions to its premises.

4. Pinnacle Silver Star Movie House

Movie house
The Pinnacle Silver Star Movie House at 49 Salem Ave, Accra, Ghana. Photo: @Pinnacle Silver Star Movie House on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Location: 49 Salem Ave, Accra, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 24 797 9908

Pinnacle Silver Star is the perfect location for revellers looking for a movie house in the Kwashieman area. Located at 49 Salem Ave, Accra, Ghana, Pinnacle Silver Star offers 24-hour services in a convenient and serene environment. Depending on the suite you have taken, a 2-hour flick may cost you GHc50.

5. Movie House Plaza Dansoman

Movie house
The Movie House Plaza Dansoman in Carl Reindoff St, Accra, Ghana. Photo: @moviehouseplaza on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Location: Carl Reindoff St, Accra, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 24 476 2183

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The establishment is in Carl Reindoff St, Accra, Ghana. Like most private theatres in the area, the business charges an average of GHc50 per film. You can, however, choose from different classes available, with the most executive being more expensive.

6. Movie House Dichemso

Movie house
Movie House Dichemso in Akwesi, Agyeman Rd, Kumasi, Ghana. Photo: @moviehouseplaza on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Location: Akwesi, Agyeman Rd, Kumasi, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 24 654 9172

This premise is one of Kumasi's top movie houses, offering affordable and convenient entertainment in a serene and secure environment. It is a franchise of fifteen private theatres in various parts of Ghana. The prices start at GHc80 for the executive rooms, while VIP and VIP Plus rooms go for GHc 100 and GHc 120, respectively.

7. Trendz Movie House

Movie house
Trendz Movie House in Sai Kojo Street Osu, Accra, Ghana. Photo: @Trendz movie house on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Location: Sai Kojo Street Osu F621/2 GL-032-8150, Accra, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 24 463 3441

This is a seven-day-a-week 24-hour entertainment hub in Sai Kojo Street Osu, Accra, Ghana. According to its website, you can get a quote for various services depending on your specifications.

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8. Executive VIP Movie House

  • Location: 42 Nii Afrotse St, Accra, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 30 296 5505

If you want a place with some of the latest amenities, the Executive VIP Movie House at 42 Nii Afrotse St, Accra, Ghana, is the perfect location. Apart from flat screen TVs, the joint offers projector options. However, it is not a 24-hour premise and operates from 8 AM to 1 AM most days.

9. Classic 1 Movie Palace

Movie house
The Classic 1 Movie Palace in Haatso, Accra, Ghana. Photo: @Classic 1 MOVIE Palace on Facebook (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Location: Haatso, Accra, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 24 414 5349/+233 24 457 1094

It is a private film theatre in Haatso Ecomog Afari Gyan Junction, Accra, Ghana. It offers privacy in their rooms, with neatness and hygiene always being observed. It also has a backup generator to ensure the optimal and uninterrupted theatre experience.

10. BizMovie House - Nungua Branch

Movie house
The BizMovie House, Nungua Branch in Accra, Ghana. Photo: @house_biz on Twitter (modified by author)
Source: UGC
  • Location: Off Nungua, Accra - Tema Beach Rd, Accra, Ghana
  • Phone: +233 54 707 1919

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If you want a premium individual private film space, BizMovie House is the perfect place. The Nuguna branch is one of six locations under the same franchise that began operation in 2019. The joint offers affordable entertainment services with a responsive staff. It is among the locations ideal for individuals and couples to enjoy.

What is the average price for watching a flick in a movie house?

The average price for watching a flick is around GHc50. However, the price varies according to the type of rooms you choose, with the most executive costing more. Movie houses in Kumasi prices range from GHc80 to GHc120 for an executive room, according to Movie House Plaza's Facebook page. Others, however, can start as from as low as GHc40.

What is a movie house used for?

It is a premise for entertaining guests in a space similar to home but with some added luxury benefits. It is also a private space where you can enjoy films without disturbance, like in a public theatre.

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What do we do at a movie house in Ghana?

You can catch up on the latest flicks in the comfort of secure, air-conditioned and affordable rooms. Some offer individual plans while others offer couple packages.

A movie house is a space where individuals or couples can enjoy films and series in the comfort and privacy of a furnished room. The concept resembles an Airbnb or a guest house but with the luxury of a movie theatre. The facilities are many in Ghana, and you can choose one that matches your budget.

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