University of Ghana postgraduate admission

University of Ghana postgraduate admission

The university of Ghana postgraduate admissions include masters programs and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs in various disciplines.

University of Ghana postgraduate admission

University of Ghana postgraduate admission

Before enrolling for the university of Ghana Legon postgraduate programmes, there are certain requirements that the applicants must meet. They include:

The applicant must have a first degree in any of the relevant courses provided by this university or any other that is recognized. They are also expected to have scored at least a second lower division.

If the applicant wasn’t to pursue a program in the university’s business school, they must have a 2-3 years working experience.

As part of the application process, one must either be interviewed or asked perform an examination or both.

University of Ghana postgraduate admission

For applicants seeking Masters of Arts or Masters of Science in any discipline, admission is done immediately. Students seeking Masters of Philosophy programs must be recommended by the department and the Graduate Studies committee.

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For a person to be admitted for a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), they must possess either a Master’s of Science, a Masters of Philosophy or a Masters of Arts in that discipline. Additionally, the students must have high academic records.

The PhD programmes can be taken either full time or part time. Full-timers complete the program within four years while part-timers complete in a period of 6 years.

University of Ghana postgraduate admission list

If some aspects indicate that the applicant is not eligible, he can be asked to conduct a project or his performance in the course work can be gauged.


University of Ghana postgraduate admission

The applicant must have a degree and completed a research in that field.

PhD programmes can only be offered to graduands of the University of Ghana who have graduated within the past 10 years.

A DPhil applicant must have published academic works. They must also carry out and examination. They must submit three copies of the published works which can be presented as a book. Notably, this book must have been published for at least three years before the application.

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Masters Programs

Master degrees are only available to student in Public Health, Clinical Disciplines and Dentistry. These students must have at least 5 years’ experience upon completion of internship in the medical field.

There are three ways that applicants can gain eligibility.

First, applicants who have medical qualifications of FWACS, MRCP and FWACS among others can present a well-defended thesis.

If the applicant does not possess any of the qualifications, he must pass a written and oral examination.

The applicant can also submit three copies of published works.

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University of Ghana postgraduate courses

  • Masters of Arts/ PhD English
  • MBA/ PhD Management Information Systems
  • Masters of Philosophy/ PhD Social Work
  • Masters of Philosophy / PhD Home Science
  • Masters of Philosophy / PhD Education
  • Masters of Philosophy / PhD Chemical Pathology
  • Masters of Science/ PhD Audiology
  • Masters of Philosophy / PhD Anatomy
  • Masters of Philosophy/ PhD Information Studies
  • Masters of Philosophy/ PhD Pharmacology
  • Masters of Philosophy/ PhD Agricultural Engineering
  • Masters of Science/ PhD Medical Laboratory Sciences
  • Masters of Science/ PhD Materials Science Engineering

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University of Ghana postgraduate fees

Postgraduate fees vary from one program to the other.

For more information regarding the fee structure, log in to the University’s website

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