University of Ghana: online registration

University of Ghana: online registration

Students in this university are provided with a very reliable and fast form of registering. They can register online regardless of where they are located.

University of Ghana online registration

University of Ghana registration

Online registration can be accessed at the University of Ghana website. It involves registering for residential confirmation, payment of the school fees and course registration. To start this process, the student must have a student identification number and a 5-Digit in provided by the University. Here’s how you can register online.

University of Ghana online registration

Step 1: Application for Residence

If you require accommodation at the university, this step is a must. Otherwise, you can skip it and proceed to the next.

Log in to the university’s website with you student ID and the 5-digit pin.

Choose your preferable residence, i.e. the hall and room you would like.

Acquiring residence in the university is not guaranteed. If you get one, print the allocation letter of your room. Then, make sure to pay the school fees together with the residential charges. If you fail to get a room, just pay the school fees.

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After this, proceed to registering for academics.

Step 2: Fees Payment

Students are expected to pay their fees for academic and residential fees (if need be) at Eco bank and Standard Chartered Banks. They can only pay in cash at any of the branches of these banks.

The fee paying voucher must capture the student’s identification number properly. Next they should register online to confirm that this information. Online registration for fees can only be done after 48 hours of making payments at the bank.

Step 3: Academic Registration

Visit the MIS web by accessing the university’s website

On the left side, click the tab named Student iEnabler. You will see the registration tab. Register for the qualification under that tab.

Save and confirm registration at the GCCR101.

You will then see the selected courses and view the cost of registration.

After accepting registration print the document and then log out.

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Step 4: Registration for Residence

This step is to be completed by students who have secured a room in the university.

Click on the Student iEnabler and register and submit

Select year. This will show your hall and room.

Accept and print the document

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University of Ghana registration deadline

The university is very strict on the deadlines. As such, students must ensure to complete the process before the period is over. Failure to this, a student might find it had to register.

University of Ghana online registration

University of Ghana contact

The administration of University of Ghana can be reached via email, postal address or phone.

University of Ghana address


Phone Number: +233-(0)302-500381

Postal Address: P.O. Box LG 25, Legon, Accra

There is also a help desk that assists students who face difficulties while registering. It can be accessed by sending an email to . A student can also call 0503899803 for assistance. It is always recommend for students to attach their ID Numbers while seeking help. Alternatively, the student can visit the Academic Affairs Office in the institution’s compound.


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