6 reasons why Ghanaian married men cheat on their wives

6 reasons why Ghanaian married men cheat on their wives

The institution of marriage is meant to be upheld at all times by the couple involved. However, sometimes there are certain challenges that both the man and woman can fall victim to.

One of such challenges is cheating.

6 reasons why Ghanaian married men cheat on their wives
Men in marriages tend to cheat more, as compared to the women.

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Most relationships that end on the rocks are as a result of cheating by either the man or the woman.

However, research has shown that most break ups happen due to the fault of the men.

In Ghana, for instance, it is believed that men in marriages tend to cheat more, as compared to the women.

But have you ever wondered why a married man will even conceive the idea of cheating on his wife, having spent money to wed her?

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Here are six reasons why Ghanaian married men cheat on their wives:

1. Troublesome wives

You can accuse men all you can, but the fact is that no man would want to continue staying by the side of a woman who only brings trouble.

Every man wants peace of mind in his marriage, and so if his wife is always creating problems for him by engaging him in quarrels, then expect him to cheat.

If he cannot find peace in his own house, then he will find it somewhere else and if you are unlucky and a smart lady out there grabs him, then be prepared to be cheated on for longer periods.

2. Lack of good sex in marriage

There is no denying of the fact that sex is an essential part of marriage. As a result if the man cannot get the required sexual satisfaction from his wife, it is easy for him to cheat.

It is even more likely if the wife is growing old and is no longer sexually active. Except for the most loyal of husbands, the rest will waste no time in finding ‘side chicks’ to satisfy their sexual drive.

You may be the prettiest of wives but your husband is likely to cheat if he doesn’t find good sex in his marriage.

3. Always busy wife

This is the number one cause of cheating in marriages. There are some wives who simply value their jobs more than their marriages.

They leave early in the morning and come back late in the evening all in the name of work. This sometimes becomes a boring routine for the husband and he begins to think the wife has no time for him.

Thoughts of cheating will then come to mind and if another lady devotes her time to him by cooking for him and treating him well, then expect him to run into her arms always.

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4. The ex-factor

Forget about how in love you are with your husband. There is one trap that most men normally fall into without even realizing.

If your husband is still friends with his ex-girlfriend, then the probability of him returning back to her is very high, especially if they are still very close.

Having been in a relationship with her before, there will sometimes be that attraction due to their past experiences and he might end up cheating on his wife with her.

5. Immaturity

There are times in a marriage where the lady has done nothing wrong, yet still the man cheats on her. The woman could be the most beautiful, the best cook or even very good at sex, but the man will still look outside his marriage.

This is because most men are immature when they enter into marriage. They tend to think that they are still in their single lives and can have whichever woman they so please.

That sort of immaturity can be found mostly in married men below the age of 30.

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6. Revenge

In every marriage where there is no trust, there is a high likelihood that the partners will cheat on each other.

Once the man suspects his wife of flirting with another man, he is also likely to cheat on her as a way of paying her back.

Revenge will be on his mind and he may decide that the best way is to also cheat on his wife by also going in for another woman.

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