Health benefits of bitter kola and honey

Health benefits of bitter kola and honey

The field of nutrition is advancing in many ways. More attention is going towards the use of natural sources of nourishment, such as Bitter Kola and honey. But why? Well, in West & Central Africa, Bitter Kola is known to be a traditional medicine.

Health benefits of bitter kola and honey
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Ideally, the different parts of the plant, e.g., the seeds, and the fruits, are deemed to provide the important elements for curing diseases like coughing. The cola plant is also added in food because of the essential minerals it contains like iron, fibre, potassium, calcium, not to mention the amazing benefits of antioxidants.

When it comes to honey, it is not a secret that it is rich with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. In addition, it also adds great taste in various food products like baked goods and processed dairy products like yogurt. Now, if you decide to mix cola and honey, you can get the benefits of both products.

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Top health benefits of bitter kola and honey

There are lots of advantages of using bitter kola and honey. As we have mentioned, you can use it to cure several ailments. For example, you can use bitter kola and honey for cough, or you can also use it to fight bacterial infections.

Around the world, bitter kola mixed with honey has been used by mothers to cure sore throat and cold flu. In some cases, they are more effective than over-the-counter drug prescriptions.

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Cosmetic applications

bitter kola and honey
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You can easily enjoy the cosmetic benefits of the two elements by creating a natural cream. When you know how to mix bitter kola and honey, you will be able to create a cosmetic cream that can help you in skin tightening, regeneration, and cellular activity stimulation.

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This is a natural remedy that can also help you to improve the elasticity and texture of your hair and nails. You can create your cosmetic product, which can be applied as a facial mask.

Antibacterial and antioxidant applications

Another benefit of bitter kola and honey is its use in the creation of antibacterial and antioxidant drugs. It is a candidate in fighting respiratory conditions and infections, including rheumatism, asthma, tuberculosis, and meningitis.

The mixture also treats insect bites, and it dissolves gallstones. You can also use it as medicine for diseases such as hepatitis, diabetes, mouth inflammation, and appendicitis. In other cases, you can use cola to neutralize poisons and reduce their impact on the body.

According to ResearchGate, men can quickly boost their sexual performance using bitter cola. But you might inquire, “How many bitter kola a day do I need to improve my sex performance?” If you want to have an active sexual experience, you need to chew the kola at least two minutes before the act. So, if you have issues with your libido, take the bitter kola.

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Just like any medicine or cosmetic cream, it is wise to use bitter kola and honey in moderation. When you ingest a lot of cola, it can cause loss of appetite, a stomach upset, rashes, and fatigue. But if you take the recommended amounts of cola mixed with honey, you can improve your health in significant ways.

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