List of 2016 comedy films

List of 2016 comedy films

Comedy has been often said to be the best medicine. And 2016 was one-year medicine was served through the long list of comedy films that premiered.

List of 2016 comedy films

Comedy Films

Some of the funniest comedy movies ever featured in 2016 are:

Top Comedy Films

La La Land Rating 8.1/10

We start off the comedy movies list with an actress and a pianist who fall in love with each other. They are however faced with tough situations brought about by their different careers. They have to face this challenges in order to secure their love for each other.

Central Intelligence Rating 6.3

It topped the comedy films list when it premiered. Starring (Dwayne Johnson) who plays the role of an accountant who is drawn into the life of fighting crime. He reconnects with his high school friend (Kevin Hart) and together they unmask a huge international syndicate.

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List of 2016 comedy films

Storks Rating 6.8/10

One of the latest comedy films in 2016. Birds are used to deliver babies to parents. The stork is faced with many challenges in his quest of delivering the baby to the rightful parents. The journey of the stork is filled with many hilarious and jaw-breaking moments.

The Brothers of Grimsby Rating 6.2/10

A top spy is re-united with his old brother. They are both forced to join forces in order to stop a criminal syndicate from destroying the world through a missile. They undergo some insanely funny moments in their mission to save the world.

Deadpool Rating 8.0/10

A rogue experiment leaves an ill-talking mercenary with superhuman powers. He then uses the powers in a quest to find payback for the scientist who took the experiment on him.

Sausage Party Rating 6.2/10

In this fun filled animation, a sausage goes through an epic journey in a quest to discover the truth about his existence. His journey begins at a supermarket sore and ends up going to different places.

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List of 2016 comedy films

The Secret Life of Pets Rating 6.5/10

Max who is an overly-spoiled terrier lives a comfortable lifestyle in his home. This is until his owner adopts Duke, a giant stray. Max immediately dislike the stray. He is lost during his wals and has to journey back to his home.

Now You See Me 2 Rating 6.5/10

After a successful heist, the Four Horsemen re-appear to thrill their fans with their unique magic powers. They are hired by a genius to carry out another heist of the century.

The Angry Birds Movie Rating 6.3/10

After launching a successful game, the birds are back with an even bigger op comedy film. The birds are visited by mysterious green piggies who plan to take over the highland of the birds. Its up to Red, Chuck and Bomb to save their highland.

List of 2016 comedy films

Keanu Rating 6.3/10

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Two friends adopt a stray cat into their home which changes their lives. After some time, Keanu gets lost and the two friends embark on a mission to find him. They find out that Keanu’s owner is a renowned drug kingpin.

The Do-Over Rating 5.7/10

When life gets tough on two friends, the decide to fake their deaths. They come up with new identities fir their new life. Unknowingly, they assume the identities of people who are in even bigger trouble than their initial lives.

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Ice Age: Collision Course Rating 5.7/10

After a successful franchise, the crew of Manny, Diego, Buck and Sid are back again. This time around, they have to survive a meteor strike that threatens to destroy the whole world.

Masterminds Rating 5.8/10

A security officer is enticed by a lady into attempting a bank robbery. When her feminine charms work, he organizes the biggest bank heist in the American history. He uses the same criteria in robbing as the October 1997 Loomis Fargo robbery.

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List of 2016 comedy films

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Rating 5.7

A sorority house is formed next to the boys’ fraternity. They seem to be taking the boys down in all their endeavors. Mac and Kelly have to bury the hatchet with Teddy in order to join forces together to bring down the girls.

Almost Friends Rating 6.2/10

It tells the story of Charlie, a lazy-borne child who lives with his parent despite being middle-aged. He also has to live with his stepfather who is head over heels in love with a younger woman who is in a serious relationship.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Rating 6.0/10

When two brothers are invited to the sisters Hawaiian wedding, they are unaware who to take as companions. They place an ad to find their perfect dates. They end up with the perfect match who are more hype for the duo.

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Dirty Grandpa Rating 5.9/10

The Grandpa, a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, goes on a trip with his about to be wedded grandson. He falls in love with another free-spirited girl and calls of the wedding with the uptight girlfriend.

List of 2016 comedy films

Keeping up with the Jonesses Rating 5.9/10

The Gaffney’s are your ordinary day couple who get caught up in an international espionage conspiracy after the arrival of their new neighbors who turn out to be government spies.

Swiss Army Man Rating: 7.0/10

It revolves around the life of a man stranded on a deserted island alone. Due to loneliness, he makes a dead body his friend as they embark on a journey to go back home.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadow Rating: 6.0/10

Leo, Raph, Don and Mikey after taking down the united forces of Shredder, Baxter Stockman, Bebop, they are faced with their ultimate challenge they have yet to conquer.

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