Traditional Ghanaian Names for Babies: Know What They Mean

Traditional Ghanaian Names for Babies: Know What They Mean

A name defines a person to whom it is given as it determines how they are regarded. It also helps in identifying that person. Usually, different ethnic groups and communities have a specific way of giving names to their newborn babies. Ghanaians are no exception as they have specific names for men and women given based on season, the day of the week, or the birthplace of that person. Here’s a highlight of the popular Ghanaian names and what they mean.

Traditional Ghanaian Names for Babies: Know What They Mean

Ghanaian names are, therefore, given based on the ethnic group languages including Ewe, Ga, Nzema, Mole-Dagombas, and Akan. In most cases, children born in Ghana are named after the day of the week on which they are born. This is a culture that has its foundation from the Akan ethnic names. This system of child-naming has spread to countries within the West African Region.

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Ghanaian Names and Their Meanings

Ghanaian names have different meanings relating the character and soul of that person. Middle names also vary and can imply the order of their birth, ancestor’s name or twin status. For the Ghanaians living abroad and wish to cherish their ancestral homeland, they give their children names as they would in their country home instead of taking up the names of the countries they stay in.

From the 18th to 19th centuries, slaves from Ghana taken to the Caribbean were called Coromantees; derived from Fort Kormantine in Ghana while Ghanaian slaves living in the Americas were given day names like Kofi or Cuffy, Kojo or Cudjoe, Kwabena or Quamina, and Azindow. Hence, most Ghanaians have a name from this system including those who have western or Arabic names. Some of the distinguished leaders who have day names are the seventh Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan and the country’s first President Kwame Nkrumah.

Ghanaian Names Male

Traditional Ghanaian Names for Babies: Know What They Mean

The following table shows Ghanaian names for male and their meanings:

  • Dommie - Born on Saturday
  • Ebo - Born on Tuesday
  • Donkor - Humble person
  • Ekow - Born on Thursday
  • Esam - Safeguard
  • Essien - Sixth-born
  • Fadi - Redeemer
  • Fenuku - Born after term
  • Fifi - Born on Friday
  • Fodjour - Fourth born
  • Fynn - Offin River
  • Ghassan - Old Arabic name
  • Ghazi - Conqueror
  • Gyasi - Wonderful child
  • Haytham - Young hawk
  • Hilal - Happiness or bliss
  • Jabbar - Mighty
  • Jabir - Consoler or comforter
  • Jojo - Born on Monday
  • Kareem - Distinguished and precious
  • Kaseem - Divided
  • Kesse - Fat at birth
  • Kobby - Born on Tuesday
  • Kobena - Born on Tuesday
  • Kodwo - Born on Monday
  • Kofi - Born on Friday
  • Kojo - Born on Monday
  • Komnan - Born on Monday
  • Kontar - An only child

Ghanaian Names Female

Traditional Ghanaian Names for Babies: Know What They Mean

Below are female Ghanaian names and their meanings:

  • Do - First child following twins
  • Dofi - Second child following twins
  • Effia - Born on Friday
  • Efia - Born on
  • Efie - Born on Friday
  • Efua - Born on Friday
  • Ejo - Born on Monday
  • Ekuwa - Born on Wednesday
  • Enyonyam - It is good for me
  • Esi - Born on Sunday
  • Farhanah - Happy
  • Gharam - Love
  • Huda - Right guidance
  • Kessie - Fat at birth
  • Kukua - Born on Wednesday
  • Aba - Born on Thursday
  • Abena - Born on Tuesday
  • Adjo - Born on Monday

While the list for Ghanaian names can be endless, the meanings and origins revolve around the same region and language groups. Once the name has been given, it will always remind those who know the meaning of the birth of the child even at their old age. Some other methods used in Ghanaian names include well-known family members, father’s name, religious views, and the circumstances of birth.


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