IELTS Ghana Registration Guide

IELTS Ghana Registration Guide

IELTS refers to the International English language Testing System which is tasked with the responsibility of testing the English language proficiency for non-native English speaker. These tests are offered in different countries including Ghana. Understanding the procedure of how this is done is important in preparation for your next test.

IELTS Ghana Registration Guide

IELTS registration in Ghana is important especially for people that want to travel abroad for residence or join a university for that matter. Fortunately you can take the test in Ghana at any of the test centers in the country. All you need to do is to check the portal for admissions and register for the exam at a date scheduled. Here is a breakdown of how to register for the IELTS Ghana exams.

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IELTS Ghana registration

IELTS in Ghana registration is a quick and easy thing to do as long as the process is followed. The following is the step by step process involved in this registration.

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  1. First, find a center that offers Ielts exams in Ghana. Generally there are over 1100 exam centers in 140 countries. This means that there is a chance that there will be one near you.
  2. Register for the exam. This can be done in two ways whereby you either register and pay online or alternatively download the application form, have it printed and then complete it then physically submit it to the local test center. If you decide to use the second option make sure that you attach your national identification documents to verify your application. This same valid ID will be needed as proof of your legitimacy during the examination date.
  3. Test is booked. The final step is the confirmation that your IELTS has been processed and booked. You will receive a written confirmation message that indicates the date and time for which you have been scheduled to do your exams. The speaking and writing test are scheduled to happen on the same day. However, in the vent that this does not happen they will be seven days apart. Knowing about the specific exam dates can be useful as they will help you plan on how to attend IELTS classes in Ghana as this could improve your performance in the exams.

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IELTS Ghana Registration Guide - Test Dates

IELTS Ghana cost

This international exam is taken after settling a certain amount of fees. The test is GHS 980. However, you may have to incur extra costs for attending classes that will prepare you for the exams. The British council in Ghana is responsible for registering people for the course. The areas offering these test are currently in Kumasi and Accra.

IELTS Ghana test dates

The British council offers the registration to interested candidates on a first come first serve basis. In fact it recommends that people find out the dates the exams are scheduled to happen and then plan to register at least five weeks before their preferred dates. However, there may be slots available even later than this period. You need to keep checking online for the status of the test places availability since it ceases to show once the application slots are all filled up.

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