How much was the net worth of Jay Z in 2017?

How much was the net worth of Jay Z in 2017?

How much was the net worth of Jay Z in 2017?

Jay-z is a popular international American hip-hop rapper whose birth names are Shawn Corey Carter, born 1969 on the month of December. The multi-award winning world best rapper is also very successful businessman.

Net worth of Jay-Z 2017

Net worth of Jay z alone is about $810 million. In fact, he is the notable king of hip-hop because he is $10 million away from Diddy the hip-hop rapper who owned the name richest. Jay-z was able to own the name because of his hard work in his many businesses apart from the album sales.

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Increment in Jay z net worth leave many in awe. In 2006, net worth of Jay z had accumulated to about $610 million proving the hip-hop rapper’s great success. Beyoncé, who is Jay-z’s wife, is also among the international musicians with a net worth of $290 million. Nobody can argue that the couple is not among the richest in the world.

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How much was the net worth of Jay Z in 2017?

Jay-Z success journey

Jay-z journey embarked in his rapping career in early 1990s. His first business was Roc-A-Fella Records, 1995. You can imagine selling not less than 100 records; he is the richest rapper in the wide world. Jay-z’s fame in the world of entertainment made him to succeed in all his businesses. He later invested in quite a number of businesses such as record labels, endorsements, real estate, album sales, and concert sales, beverages, and sports team. Here is a gasp of Jay z business history.

Jay-Z Business History

  • Roc-A- Fella Records

Roc-A-Fella Records had humble developments when Jay-z started it off in 1995. In 1996, it took a big modest success after the release of Jay-z album ‘reasonable Doubts. “The label had a great continuation of the hit albums until 2013 when Jay-z started the Roc Nation label.

  • Rocawear

Rocawear was owned by Jay-z and Dash in the year 1999. It earned them a total of about $700 million per year, that was early 2000s. Jay-z took over the ownership of the company and decided to sell it for $204 million, 2007.

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How much was the net worth of Jay Z in 2017?
Jay Z ,wife Beyonce and daughter Ivy Blue
  • The 40-40 Club

The 40-40 club was opened in 2003 by the hip-hop rapper. It was also a popular sport bar and a restaurant. The chain of the 40-40 club expanded in spots such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

  • Nation

Roc Nation has a couple of international musicians who joined it like Rihanna, Shakira, and DJ Khaled. Jay-Z and Jay Brown own the label since 2008. The hip-hop rapper ventured in sports and launched the well-known Roc Nation Sports. Jay-z is a serious entrepreneur who succeeds in every business he ventures. Success, creative and smart are the names of the hip-hop American rapper. This are just a few businesses he has succeeded on that shows how the net worth has a year-by year huge increment.

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