List of private schools in Accra

List of private schools in Accra

Education is the key to everything in life. Especially now when every aspect of life depends on your education. Most parents invest heavily in their children education in order for them to have a successful future ahead. The state of education is public schools has over the years been the subject of contest as many feel the quality is low.

List of private schools in Accra

List of Private Schools in Accra, Ghana

The list of private schools in Accra is countless. They offer top quality education and you are assured that your child is set well for the future. They are well staffed with highly trained teachers with experience who impart the knowledge into your child. We have gathered a list of the private schools in Accra, Ghana.

List of Private Junior High Schools in Accra, Ghana

Accra Grammar School

The school is located at the heart of the city, Accra. It is one of the most reputable academic institutions in Ghana. They are well equipped with modern day teaching and learning equipment’s. They also have a serene environment conducive for the development of your child.

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List of private schools in Accra
Accra Grammar School

Crown Prince Academy

The school is located along the Ayawaso Road in Accra. They offer e-learning services to the children to ensure they are able to compete with other children around the world. They have a well trained and experienced staff that guide the children. The school is well stocked with modern day technologies for the sake of the children.

P.J Jacobs Junior High

It is one of the oldest junior high schools in Ghana. It was established back in 1936. It is also the first private junior high in Ghana. They are well equipped when it comes to offering top notch education to the students due to their long experience.

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List of Private Senior High Schools in Accra

O’Reilly Senior High School

The school is located in Teshie Okpoi-Gonno, Accra. They offer a unique education system where the students are actively engaged in learning. The students also have forums where they get to apply what they have learnt in class in their everyday life.

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List of private schools in Accra
Labone Senior High School students

Labone Senior High School.

The school is located near the outskirts of Accra. They offer quality education to the students by the high number of well-trained and experienced teachers they have employed. The school has also established co-curricular activities aimed at developing the skills of an all-rounded student.

American International School, Ghana

The school has been accredited to offer American High School Diploma to their students. Most students who learn here have high chances of joining colleges in the U.S. They also have student exchange programs where students are sent to study in the U.S.

Saint Thomas Aquinas Senior High School

List of private schools in Accra
Saint Thomas Aquinas Senior High School main entrance.

The Christian based institution is one of the best senior high school in Ghana. They are mainly focused in invoking their students with Christian values on top of their education. They are highly dedicated to producing top quality grades. They usually receive huge numbers of applications annually due to their exemplary performance.

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Private Secondary Schools in Accra

Odorgonno Secondary School

The school was established way back in 1940. They are equipped with the state of the art laboratory equipment and modern classrooms. They also offer affordable school fees to the students. The school has developed the careers of many dignitaries in the current Government and other fields. They also focus on developing the talents and skills of the student who can create an impact in the community.

Christ Legacy International School

The school is located along Bawjiase in Accra. They offer an international academic curricular similar to the U.K. The students are equipped with the proper skills in order to impact the ir community. The school is well equipped with state of the art teaching equipment. They also offer students with the best sporting facilities in order to develop their skills.

New Star High School

They are renowned for producing top quality grades after every national secondary school examination. The teachers and the management are dedicated to develop the student’s potential in order for them to perform exemplary.

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Lincoln Community School

It is a non-profit learning institution who accept different children from different backgrounds, ethnic groups and nationality. It has been accredited to offer the American curriculum of education.

List of private schools in Accra

Private Primary Schools in Accra.

LAS Liberty School

The school is located in Kinshasa Cres, Accra. They employ an integrated American curriculum of education. They also have a qualified staff ready to help the students realize their dreams. Also, the parent is involved in every step of their child’s development.

Beacon School

They are located along the Ollenu Road. They are a Christian based school who have a wide variety of children from different ethnic groups, religion and races all together under one roof. They perform exemplary judged by their high enrollment numbers and admissions.

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