List of solar companies in Ghana

List of solar companies in Ghana

The Ghanaian government has pursued all avenues possible to strengthen its renewable energy for the sake of its citizens. For the scale-up of this massive project, millions of dollars has been earmarked to make the whole process a success.

List of solar companies in Ghana

Most solar companies in Ghana will benefit from this huge transition as they have the support of the central government. It is also a business opportunity in which the facilities will experience exponential growth in clientèle base.

Eco-solar and Construction Ltd

Eco-solar and construction Ltd has set itself apart to offer products and services to meet the needs of the people. This is achieved through saving on energy bills and the money for electricity being utilized for other important ventures,

It is one of the solar companies in Ghana, that has put the needs of the people first, when it comes to provision of energy that suits them best. The company works hand in hand with the Volta River Authority, Environmental Protection Agency, Grid Company Ltd among others.

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Milky-Way Energy Ltd.

The company specifically deals with customized installation of solar PV systems, consultancy services, solar water pumps, and professional house wiring training.

List of solar companies in Ghana

Kupatech Ghana Limited.

It is one of the many solar companies in Accra, who have developed renewable energy, and electronic appliances that follow the new technology techniques to the latter. Their aim is to assist the public adopt latest trends of energy saving methods, while preserving the environment.

The Blue Solar Company Ltd

Located in Kumasi Ghana, The Blues Solar Company Ltd offers solar system solutions to households, schools, small towns, and even factories. Once in a while, they provide solar lanterns, street and garden solar lights.

SOLARKING GH (Market Leader)

There solar modules are TUV and CQC certified and they get them from the USA, Japan, and Germany since they are of superior-quality.

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Mundeco Ghana Limited.

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Mundeco is one of the solar power companies that is all inclusive and serves businesses, homeowners, and communities. It is a subsidiary company of Mundeco GmBH located in Dortmund, Germany.

List of solar companies in Ghana

UltraSola Energy Limited.

These prestigious facility is a known supplier of technologies and sustainable items serving the wider African market. The solar systems company is a Ghanaian certified institution operating out of Accra. Their mandate is to help communities and businesses curb down the emission of smoke, which is harmful to the environment. Customers have nothing part from positive reviews as they say they have enjoyed nothing less of high-end services and top-quality products.

Franerix Solutions Ltd.

The company was founded 12 years ago and it offers turnkey distributed storage and management systems. Their products are mainly for commercial use as they help reduce the energy bills significantly. They have gone a notch higher with their services and offer generators as a source of power backup. The company is a modular stationary power supply that maximizes on all the available products when serving its customers.

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List of solar companies in Ghana

Mel Link Ghana Inc

The company is a sourcing agent for the government of Ghana and ECOWAS for all the solar energy needs.

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