Ideas for Church Wedding Decorations in Ghana

Ideas for Church Wedding Decorations in Ghana

Weddings in Ghana are always full of glam and merry, be it church or traditional. Their selection of dress already carefully chosen to bring color and good mood to weddings, more ideas for church wedding decorations in Ghana can add such bliss to these memorable celebrations. Nowadays events planning companies are on the rise, meaning one can get a variety of wedding décor to sample. If such services are too costly, there are also budget friendly ideas on how to make your wedding glow.

Ideas for Church Wedding Decorations in Ghana

From playing around with age-old ideas to brand new ones coming up, there are a million ways to turn that church space into something completely different on your big day. Though it's advisable that your choice of décor matches your theme for the day, it’s entirely up to you. It’s your big day and no rules or opinions should make you not have it as you’ve always wished. With this little help on how best to do your wedding decoration, read on and make your dream wedding come true.

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Floral patterns for wedding decorations in Ghana

Flowers have always been the core of all wedding celebrations. From the entrance to the church compound, the doors, the aisle, the receptions to the cars, they suit in every space for every purpose intended. The current trends can’t afford to do away with flowers. New improvements have however come up with a wide variety of possible floral patterns. The various floral arrangements suitable for wedding decorations for church setups include;

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Ideas for Church Wedding Decorations in Ghana

Flowers as the centerpiece

Sounds like an old age idea, but it’s refurbished with such modernity you won’t believe it. Flowers are still being used as centerpieces, this time dipped in beautiful vases of one's choice. The vessels are then tied with a ribbon to become more appealing. It’s such a simple yet sophisticated touch of décor. Mismatch some flower stalks purposely to attract people’s attention.

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Modified patterns on wired support or stalks

This is where you can get as playful as your imaginations allow. Coil firm supports like a wire or a flexible stem and design the flowers into that shape. You can come up with more than ten designs and have some dangling from the roof. Flowers add an instant calming feel to a room.

The pew wedding decorations in church

Made up of the simplest yet most noticeable of decorations, the pew MUST be given a touch of décor to remain relevant. Wedding decorations gold and white pew bows can be a perfect way to give your pews a do-over. Despite the theme of the day, gold and white are colors that blend into all the others seamlessly.

Using pew sashes is another trend when thinking of wedding decorations in church. Easy to wrap around and with a low acquiring cost, sashes can be made from your best fabric with your favoritecolors. To get the magical African touch, you may choose to have your pew sashes made from African print.

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Flowers come up yet again, with floral ties being a favorite pew decoration. From white roses to purple bunches, they are fastened using cute matching ribbons.

Wedding decoration ideas for church aisles

The aisle is an essential part of a church wedding. It’s the whole point of a wedding, explaining the phrase ‘walking down the aisle’ often used to mean getting married. You may have waited several years to walk down the aisle and the two times you do so (the first is before the union and the second is as newlyweds) are forever moments. Be limitless when it comes to creating your ideal aisle.

Wedding decorations in Ghana have recently flooded with brilliant and creative ideas on beautifying the aisle. The most popular is the idea of aisle runners. These are mat like materials spread out from the entrance to the front of the church. They could be of any color, but white is just breathtaking. In a typical Church Ghana wedding, there are flower girls that go ahead of the bride decorating her pathway with bits of flowers that she walks on. Recently; there are customized mats with wording of good wishes and gratefulness for the day boldly written that you walk over. It could be ‘’they lived happily ever after’’ or ‘’ on this day I marry my best friend’’ An idea that hasn’t yet touched base, it would be great to try.

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Ghanaians are proud of their origin and culture. A way to incorporate this into your church wedding isle would be having the runner made from integrated modern and African print.

Having candlelit lanterns and roses spread along the runners demarcating the runway would be a superb idea. It creates a mood of calm and romance, precisely what’s required for a wedding.

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Giving wedding decorations for church events an African touch

The use of African wedding decoration ideas might be limited when it comes to Ghana church weddings. Not to worry, you can make up for this at the wedding reception. If you badly need this identity featured, it’s advisable to choose most wedding decorations white and gold as these will quickly match with the ordinarily bright African print.

You can serve your quests African cuisine in traditional utensils and have all your cakes African themed. The reception is your haven; you can do with it as you wish. It’s the perfect time to showcase your personality and preference.

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Ideas for Church Wedding Decorations in Ghana

Satin draping

Satin draping is a must have for all Ghana weddings. Just like flowers, they are versatile. They can be used to line out the pulpit walls, the reception front and tents. Seats often have a satin material tied on top of the ordinary seat cover to create a certain desired style.

Choose décor that will not be outlived several years down the line. Besides the posh aisle runners, the lush flowers, pew bows and pearly satin draping, the best wedding decoration is the high spirits and happy mood of the people present. You should look at your wedding day pictures years later and think if you got another chance to wed again, you wouldn’t change a thing.


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