Aptitude test for military officers in Ghana.

Aptitude test for military officers in Ghana.

Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) comprises of the Army (GA), Ghana Air Force, and the Navy (GN). The armed forces are under the Ministry of Defence with their commander-in-chief being the president of the country. The Ghanaian president also act as the President’s Own Guard Regiment (POGR) and the BGU (Border Guard Unit) supreme military commander.

Aptitude test for military officers in Ghana

Ghana Army Aptitude Test.

Every Ghanaian military officer went through a couple of things to qualify in that position. Among the qualifications is correct answering of a test of the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). If your dream to join the military officers you need to be equipped with good knowledge of the test you might face.

Ghana Military Aptitude Test Questions and Answers.

These test question and answers are under the control of the Department of Defense. The upcoming military officers take the exams in not less than 14, 000 MEPS (Military Processing Stations), and schools all over the country. The ASVAB study guidelines will bring your end goal score in the test closer to you. There also study resources that will help you to practice for the test.

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Ghana Military Aptitude Test.

Most military jobs require a good if not perfect score in the aptitude test. Preparing for the beforehand test will not hurt you but increase your chances of success in your dream career.

Aptitude test for military officers in Ghana

In simple words, prepare using the past exam papers done by other military officers. Subjects mostly tested are:

  • Mathematics knowledge
  • General science
  • English
  • General knowledge
  • Electronic Information
  • Assemble Objects
  • Auto and shop information
  • Paragraph comprehension
  • Mechanic comprehension
  • Arithmetic reasoning

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Ghana Army Officers Aptitude Test.

These tests are very essential because they give judgments of your performance in the defence career. Your abilities on the military are also tested. There is no need of being nervous because when you practice with lots of seriousness you will pass the test.

How to Prepare for the Test.

Here are some tips to focus on during your preparation for the exam. Be positive and believe in yourself and you can make it.

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  1. Do the practice tests while setting time limits for yourself.
  2. Find many examples of the mathematics tests questions of the past papers and answer them without a calculator. Keep in mind that your high school algebras and the trigonometry theory concepts also need to be practiced.
  3. For the English tests, practice puzzle and crosswords.
Aptitude test for military officers in Ghana

What to do during the test session?

The day of the test questions that you have been getting all your efforts into is finally here. Do not carry anything because they will provide you with required materials like a pencil and a paper. How do you go about it? Here are some tips that will help you.

  1. They will give you a test sheet that you will be required to fill your personal information. Make sure you fill the details keenly and correctly.
  2. Do not ignore any instruction, but listen very keenly and carefully. If you cannot get to detail of any instruction it will not cost you, just ask.
  3. Remember not to carry a calculator because it is not allowed.
  4. Answer the simple test questions first and deal with the difficult ones later.
  5. Keep in mind there time limits set and therefore try to be quick but accurate
  6. Read the question like 3 times before answering.

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Aptitude test for military officers in Ghana

What to do after you finish any test question?

Success will follow if you prepared well. Remember to;

  1. Have adequate rest and get enough sleep during the time.
  2. Do not stress yourself finding where you went wrong in your previous test session, but focus on the next test.
  3. Be sure that you are aware of your next test venue to avoid confusion.

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