Top 10 Protein Foods for Breakfast

Top 10 Protein Foods for Breakfast

Starting your day on the right foot might just mean taking the right breakfast. With work ahead and other activities, the duration in between breakfast to lunch hour might seem like forever. This, therefore, makes it very important for you to ensure that you feed on the right nutrient content in the morning so that you can build enough endurance to make it through the morning hours. Food with protein might just be the answer to this. According to USDA, the recommended ratio of protein to body weight per day is 1 gram of protein for every kilogram of body weight. These figures, however, can increase or decrease depending on your level of activity in a day.

Top 10 Protein Foods for Breakfast

It can be challenging for some people to creatively think of different protein foods for breakfast that can be fed on, on a daily basis without being monotonous. As true as this reality is, there are numerous solutions for breakfast rich in proteins that you can prepare for yourself on a daily basis.

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Food with high protein

If you were to list products high in protein, both animal products and vegetables, there is a high chance that you will have a long list. With the right knowledge, you can turn this list into a recipe for delicious food. With some individuals keen on content, food protein test is conducted to determine the effectiveness of a given meal. Animal proteins from milk, meat, eggs and other processed animal products, have high levels of proteins. Some plant foods also have a significant amount of protein. This includes avocado, nuts (i.e. groundnuts, cashew nuts, walnut, almonds and sunflower seeds), legumes and mushrooms.

Top 10 Protein Foods for Breakfast- Foods with High Proteins

Food with protein for breakfast

In a world where there is a quick reward for flexibility, keeping fit and being sharp for any activity is paramount. This is the exact point of having a protein-rich breakfast. The simplicity of this statement might not be apparent due to the concealed science, thus making the next statement crucial for your understanding. Protein delays the uptake of carbohydrates thus slowing the commencement of ranging sugar levels. With this, the storage of fats in the body is compromised, and thus the body is encouraged to lose weight.

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Foods with protein for breakfast are plenty. This means that even the vegans are covered. The only challenge lies in finding the best recipe for food with protein for breakfast. Luckily, below is a list of top 10 protein foods for breakfast that are easy to prepare and take a very short time to be ready for the table.

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Food with protein list – Top 10 foods for breakfast

1. Eggs

Eggs is one of the most common protein foods for breakfast enjoyed by most people. It has sufficient amino acids to build lean muscles in the body and kick-start fat burning process in the body. This common breakfast meal has a combination of nutrients (choline, vitamin A and riboflavin) which are essential for maintaining healthy skin, proper functioning liver, sharp brain and a strong immune system. To enhance the taste, you can add spices to your eggs and combine it with fruit. (e.g. cooked eggs with avocado and a slice of bread)

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2. Peanut butter spread over bread

This is the simplest protein recipe that you can have for breakfast. All you need is to spread the ready peanut butter on a slice of bread and serve with a glass of milk.

3. Chicken sausage

This is a major contributor to weight loss as it encourages burning of calories during digestion. You can spice it up by adding vegetables and herbs.

4. Apple cinnamon breakfast barley

With a mixture of dry barley and pieces of apple, you can prepare a quick breakfast that will supply your body with sufficient amounts of proteins to last you long enough.

5. Whole grain fruit and yogurt parfait

This combination of yogurt with farro is easy to prepare to make it a preferred recipe for anyone in a hurry.

6. Almond breakfast porridge

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This simple recipe is rich in proteins. Grind almond seeds to be used in making of porridge, and then add coconut oil. This can be made in less than thirty minutes and fill your belly with protein-rich breakfast that will fill your belly long enough.

Top 10 Protein Foods for Breakfast- Almond Breakfast Porridge

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7. Tomato toast with macadamia Ricotta

This is made by spreading one tablespoon of macadamia ricotta cheese and add pepper, basil and salt. Then put two slices of tomato on top and serve.

8. Greek yogurt oat pancakes

Yogurt supplies the body with sufficient amounts of digestive benefits including bacteria, which enhance the effectiveness of the digestion process, and proteins, which keeps your belly full, long enough to keep you, focused.

9. Cinnamon French toast with yogurt

This recipe is prepared by soaking a slice of whole grain bread in egg and cook it in a non-stick pan for about 1 minute. The bread should have a golden color. Serve it with yogurt.

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10. Mushroom and tomato omelette

To most, an omelette is the most effective way to add the vegetable to a protein diet. In this breakfast diet, tomato and mushroom have been the vegetable of choice. You can also add some herbs and pepper to make it tastier.

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