Tips on how to propose to a lady in Islam

Tips on how to propose to a lady in Islam

Are you a Muslim man and there is a lady that has really inclined your heart? Well, consider marriage, but remember a Muslim man has to follow the right procedure that is permitted by Islam. Most will fear rejection and they shudder away. Don’t stress, read this article and it will give you tips on how to propose to a lady for the first time.

Tips on how to propose to a lady in Islam

How to Propose to a Lady for Marriage.

There is a procedure and protocol to follow when proposing to a Muslim lady. Reach your request of proposing through the father and if he passed away, you will have no option but to propose through her close relative.

How to Propose to a Lady for Love.

Before you take that courageous step, this article wish to equip you with what you should prepare on.Here is how you should propose to a lady for a relationship.

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  • Learn about the culture of the lady you want as your partner. This is because some traditions like it when your parents do the proposing.
  • You obviously need to have an idea on the general topics beforehand such as your financial ability, education, and your health status. Just be prepared to avoid confusion.
Tips on how to propose to a lady in Islam
  • Mature up and show the girls relatives you are ready to get marriage. If you have inappropriate and unpleasing photos in your social media accounts, clear them up to avoid wrong judgments.

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  • Show confidence also towards you parents side to tell them you are sure and mean what you are saying. Overwhelm your parents with unconditional love like never before.
  • Always make sure you opinions are empowered on the Islamic practices and positions.
  • During this proposing journey try as much as you can to be humble.

How to Propose to a Girl on Phone / How to Propose to a Girl online.

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After following the right procedure of proposing, you really want to talk to the girl so that you can know more about her. Ask permission from her father or relatives on the matter of communicating.

Tips on how to propose to a lady in Islam

If permission is granted, you can communicate to her via phone, any online means, or talk to her directly. Both of you should stick on permitted topics that pertain in your engagement. On talking to her directly, follow the guidelines below to avoid sins.

  • Approaching her alone is a great sin; you need to be accompanied by someone.
  • Remember to stick on the permitted topics.
  • The girl should talk in her normal voice not a soft manner.
  • Talk to her when she is wearing full hijab attire.
  • Speak to her from behind a door.

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