200+ Asian female names and their meanings (with infographic)

200+ Asian female names and their meanings (with infographic)

Asia is a vast continent encompassing numerous countries. Its massive size gives it a unique blend of cultures, beliefs, and, as a result, naming systems. If you are looking to give your newborn girl a beautiful name, you may want to consider one from Asia. Most Asian female names have unique meanings behind them. It’s essential to understand these meanings before bestowing a name upon your child.

Asian female names
Asian female names. Photo: pexels.com, @nasirunkhan
Source: UGC


Some Asian female names have Greek, English, French, or Latin origins. This comes from the ancient European occupation of Asian countries.

Asian female names and their meanings

What are the best Asian girl names? Here is a look at some fantastic female Asian names with meanings.

Pretty Asian girl names starting with the letter A and B

Asia is renowned for its vibrant economy, fantastic food, beautiful landscapes, and nice-sounding names. Here are some pretty female names to use.

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  • Aahana: Inner light
  • Aanandi: Happy woman
  • Aanya/Anya: One who shines bright
  • Aashvi: Blessed and victorious
  • Aastha: Faith
  • Adya: Supreme power
  • Ah Kum: Good as gold
  • Ah Lam: Peace or serenity
  • Ahma: Black rain
  • Ai: Love and affection
  • Aileen: Shining light
  • Aisling: Dream
  • Akira: This Japanese name means bright
  • Alannah: Darling baby
  • Alina/Aalina: These names mean beautiful and bright
  • Alix: Dignified
  • Alyona: Means torch.
  • Amber: Honey-coloured gemstone
  • Angelina: A blessing sent from heaven.
  • Anushri: Gorgeous
  • Arati: Form of worship
  • Arundhati: Star
  • Asmita: Pride
  • Ayako: Beautiful silk girl
  • Azumi: Safe residence
  • Bae: Inspiration
  • Bao: Precious
  • Baoli: Treasure
  • Bebe: Lady of the house
  • Bhavya: Impressive
  • Bin: Smart or intelligent
  • Bindiya: A decorative mark worn on the forehead
  • Biyu: Jasper
  • Bora: Purple
  • Boran: Gentle or polite
  • Botum: Lotus
  • Bounchanh: Happiness
  • Bourey: Estate
  • Bruce: Woodlands
  • Bualoi: Lotus seed
  • Byung-hwa: Fragrant and beautiful

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Asian names for girls starting with the letter C and D

Asian first names female
Asian first names for females. Photo: pexels.com, @cottonbro
Source: Getty Images

Asia has numerous names starting with the letter C. Some of them are listed below.

  • Caihong: A rainbow in the sky
  • Chan Juan: Moon
  • Chang: One who is free
  • Changchang: Flourishing
  • Chao: Surpass
  • Chaoxiang: Expecting fortune
  • Chao-Xing: Morning star
  • Chen: Break of the day
  • Cheng: Success
  • Chenguang: Morning light
  • Chiaki: Sparkling light
  • Chika: Japanese for one with a lot of wisdom
  • Cho: Butterfly
  • Chow: Summertime
  • Chu: Precious jewel
  • Chun Hua: Grace of spring
  • Chun: Born in the spring
  • Chyou: Fall
  • Ciarraí: Dusky
  • Cui: Princess or ruler
  • Dae: Greatness
  • Dalisay: Pure
  • Danika: Morning star
  • Dao/Dara: Star
  • Darika: Star
  • Dawa: Moon
  • Dechen: Joy
  • Deepika: Little light
  • Delia: From Delos
  • Devi: Goddess
  • Devika: Little goddess
  • Dian: Brightness
  • Dina: Love
  • Dipa: Lamp or light
  • Divina: Divine, godlike
  • Doan: Peach blossom
  • Dongmei: Winter plum
  • Dorji: Jewel
  • Durga: Unattainable
  • Duyen: Charming
  • Dzovig: Pearl
  • Dzüvichü: Sunflower

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Rare Asian girl names starting with the letters E and F

Do you want your cute baby to stand out from the crowd with her name always? Then, consider giving her a name that is not common.

  • Ealga: The noble isle
  • Eeshana/Ishana: It has an Arabic origin and stands for exemplary
  • Ehuang: Beautiful
  • Eiichi: Excellent first son
  • Eiko: Prosperous child
  • Eireann: Ireland
  • Elsie: Pearl of wisdom
  • Elvina: Friend of the elves
  • Emiko: Beautiful blessing
  • Emiyo: Beautiful generation
  • Ena: Gift from God
  • Enkhtuya: Ray of peace
  • Erdenetuya: Jewel of the earth
  • Erina: Blessed with beauty
  • Eru: Blessing
  • Esfir: Star
  • Eshal: The name of a flower
  • Eshe: Life or Existence
  • Etsuko: Joyful child
  • Eun: Grace or Kindness
  • Eun-ji: Gracious wisdom
  • Eva: Life
  • Evangeline: Bearer of good news
  • Evi: Alive
  • Ezzahra: Blossom
  • Fanny: Free
  • Farah: Happiness
  • Fatima: One who weans
  • Fauna: Wildlife
  • Fawzia: Victory
  • Fay: Fairy
  • Felicitas: Good fortune
  • Fenna: Protection
  • Fidelia: Loyal
  • Fiorella: Little flower
  • Fleur: Flower
  • Fumie: Blessed with knowledge
  • Fumiko: Child of abundant beauty

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Eurasian female names starting with the letter G, H and I

Eurasian female names
Eurasian female names. Photo: pexels.com, @vanessa-loring
Source: UGC

The beautiful names below will influence your baby girl to become an important person in society.

  • Gail: Lively
  • Gemma: Precious stone
  • Gia: God is gracious
  • Gina: Queen
  • Gita: Song
  • Giulia: Youthful
  • Gloria: Gloria
  • Greta: Pearl
  • Gul: Flower
  • Gyeong-Hui: Respect
  • Gwendolyn: White ring
  • Hachi: Eight; good luck
  • Hao: Prosperous
  • Haoran: Vastness
  • Haoyu: Vast universe
  • Harsha: Happiness
  • Hee: A lotus
  • Hemakshi: Golden eyes
  • Heng: Steady and persistent
  • Hideko: Splendid child
  • Hien: Gentle and persevering
  • Hikari: Light
  • Hisa: Long-lasting
  • Holea: Holy
  • Hu: Tiger
  • Huan: Happiness
  • Hui Ying: One who is intelligent or bright
  • Hui: Clever
  • Huian: The obedient one
  • Huifang: The kind one
  • Huizhong: Wise and loyal
  • Hwei-ru: Wise and intelligent
  • Hye: Graceful
  • Iliana: Bright
  • Ilona: Light
  • Indah: Beauty
  • Izumi: Fountain, spring
  • Indumathi: Moon
  • Intan: Jewel
  • Inphone: A blessing from the Hindu goddess Indra
  • Iseul: Dew

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Asian first names for females starting with the letter J

Asian names are rich in meaning and symbolism, and the names starting with the letter J for girls are no exception.

  • Ja: Attractive and fiery
  • Janya: Life
  • Jekaterina: Pure
  • Jia Hao: Wonderful hero
  • Jia: Beautiful
  • Jiahui: One who is good
  • Jiao: Clever
  • Jiaying: Household flourishing
  • Jie: Pure
  • Jihyun: Wisdom
  • Jilpa: Life’s teacher
  • Jin: Gold
  • Jinal: Gift from God
  • Jing: Stillness; luxuriance
  • Jingyi: Quiet harmony
  • Jinhai: Golden sea
  • Ji-yoon: Graceful
  • Ju: Daisy
  • Julissa: Unique and sweet
  • Jun Jie: Outstanding
  • Jun: Obedient and truthful

Common Asian girl names starting with the letters M, N and P

rare Asian girl names
Rare Asian girl names. Photo: pexels.com, @John
Source: UGC

If you are looking to give your child a beautiful yet unmistakably Asian name, here are some excellent common Asian names for girls.

  • Meabh: Intoxicating
  • Mealla: Lightning
  • Mei Xing: A beautiful star
  • Mei: A charming girl
  • Meihui: Great wisdom
  • Meili: Beautiful
  • Meirong: Beautiful countenance
  • Meiying: Beautiful flower
  • Mi Cha: Beautiful daughter
  • Mi-Hi: Joy
  • Min: Someone with a sharp mind
  • Ming Yue: Bright moon
  • Mingxia: Bright glow through the clouds
  • Mingzhu: Bright pearl
  • Mio: Pretty cherry blossom
  • Mi-Ok: Pretty pearl
  • Miyako: Beautiful March child
  • Miyu: Beautiful moon
  • Mochou: Free from sadness
  • Molly: Star of the sea
  • Morrígan: The great queen
  • Moubani: A flower
  • Mu tan: Tree peony blossom
  • Myung-Hee: Brightness and pleasure
  • Nalini: Represents grace and elegance.
  • Nandita: Joyful
  • Nari: Symbolizes purity and beauty
  • Natsuki: Summer hope
  • Natsuko: Summer child
  • Neha: Love
  • Ngawang: Powerful speech
  • Nirmala: Pure
  • Nisha: Nigh
  • Noi: Little
  • Noriko: Child of the law
  • Ntsuab: Green
  • Nuan: Warmth
  • Panida: Beautiful land
  • Pari: Fairy
  • Parisa: Like a fairy
  • Park Ji-yoon: Beautiful wisdom
  • Peiying: Beautiful and lively
  • Phoebe: Radiant
  • Ping: Peaceful
  • Pooja: Worship
  • Priya: Beloved
  • Purnima: Full moon

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Beautiful Asian girl names starting with the letter R and S

Eurasian female names
Eurasian female names. Photo: pexels.com, @singkham
Source: UGC

Some names are remarkably beautiful regardless of the regions they are associated with. When naming a child, some people place a lot of weight on how nice the name sounds. Here is a collection of beautiful Asian names you can give your child.

  • Radha: Success
  • Rani: Queen
  • Rashmi: Sunbeam
  • Rei: Elegant
  • Reiko: Beautiful child
  • Rina: Jasmine
  • Rong: Flourishing
  • Roshni: Light
  • Rumi: Beautiful and clarity
  • Ruolan: Like an orchid
  • Sakae: It stands for prosperity
  • Sakiya: cherry fruit blossom or growing
  • Sanako: One who belongs to Sana
  • Sanvi: Knowledge
  • Saoirse: Freedom
  • Sarojini: Inside the lotus
  • Sato: Sugar
  • Saura: Celestial
  • Sayo: A girl born in the night
  • Seiko: Force and Truth
  • Serika: It stands for a parsley flower
  • Setsuko: A temperate child
  • Sheu-fuh: elegant phoenix
  • Shigeko: Luxuriant
  • Shihong: All red
  • Shima: True intention
  • Shino: Slender bamboo
  • Shirushi: Evidence
  • Shizuko: Quiet One
  • Shresth: Best among all children
  • Sigu: Moral uprightness
  • Siún: Peaceful
  • Song: Pine tree
  • Sudarshini: A beautiful lady
  • Sukhi: Always at peace
  • Suma: One who asks
  • Sumiko: Smart One
  • Suravi: The sun
  • Suyin: Unadorned
  • Suzuki: Bell tree

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Unique Asian female names starting with the letter T, V, and W

Here are more names starting with the letters T, V, and W that you can use.

  • Takeshi: Fierce or warrior
  • Tala: Star
  • Tamiko: Child of Tami
  • Tanvi: Delicate
  • Taran: Rocky hill
  • Thang: Victory
  • Thanh: Clear or bright
  • Tian: Heavenly
  • Tomio: Treasured man
  • Tung: Coniferous tree
  • Tuyen: Angel
  • Vanita: Woman
  • Vara: Gift
  • Veasna: Luckily
  • Vidya: Knowledge
  • Vijaya: Victorious
  • Virote: Power
  • Vrinda: Tulsi
  • Wai: Loving
  • Wan: Graceful
  • Wei: Precious
  • Wen: Cultured or elegant
  • Wing: Glory
  • Wisteria: Wisteria flower
Pretty Asian girl names
Pretty Asian girl names. Photo: pexels.com, @kharuxury
Source: UGC

If you are looking for names starting with the letter X, consider the options below.

  • Xia: Glow of the sunrise
  • Xian: Immortal
  • Xiang: Fragrant
  • Xiao Chen: Dawn
  • Xiaoli: Little dawn
  • Xiaosheng: Little birth
  • Xiaoyan: Little swallow
  • Xiaoying: Hero
  • Xilin: Rare gem
  • Xin Yan: Beauty
  • Xin Yi: Happy
  • Xin: Heart
  • Xin Li: Wealth
  • Xing: Star
  • Xinyi: Faithful
  • Xiu: Graceful
  • Xiulan: An elegant orchid
  • Xiuqing: Elegant and pure
  • Xiuying: Brave
  • Xuan: It stands for springtime
  • Xue: Snow

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Good Asian female names starting with the letter Y

Good names not only have a powerful meaning behind them but also evoke a sense of strength, courage, and independence. Check out the examples below.

  • Yayoi: Born in spring
  • Yen: Swallow
  • Yeo: Mild
  • Yerim: Standout
  • Yet Kwai: Beautiful like a rose
  • Yeva: The miracle of life
  • Yimei: Elegant
  • Yín: Silver
  • Yoko: Child of the sun
  • Yon: Blossom
  • Yona: Dove
  • Yoon: Shining
  • Yoriko: Reliable child
  • Yuhua: Jade flower
  • Yuka: Good-scented
  • Yuke: The moon
  • Yumi: Archery bow
  • Yuna: To be successful
  • Yuriko: Lily child
  • Yushan: Mountain
  • Yutsuko: Child of Yutso
  • Yuzu: Citrus fruit
  • Yzara: Princess
  • Yzra: Divine protection
asian female names 1960s
Asian female names 1960s. Photo: pexels.com, @vanessa-loring
Source: UGC

Some popular Asian female names in the 1960s varied by country and region. Here are a few examples:

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  • Aoi: Hollyhock (Japanese)
  • Choon-hee: Spring girl (Korean)
  • Kyung-sook: Pure and clean (Korean)
  • Le Thi: Courteous and polite (Vietnamese)
  • Mei: Beautiful (Chinese)
  • Ming: Bright (Chinese)
  • Saengduen: Goodness and virtue (Thai)
  • Sujata: Well-born (Indian)
  • Xiaoling: Dawn bell (Chinese)
  • Yoko: Ocean child (Japanese)

What are the major regions in Asia?

Asia is the world's largest continent, and it is home to a broad range of ethnic groups. The major Asian regions and their respective countries include:

Central AsiaKazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan
East AsiaMainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, and South Korea
North AsiaRussia, part of Kazakhstan, Mongolia, part of China
Southeast Asia Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, East Timor, Indonesia, East Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore
West AsiaArmenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cyprus, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, most of Turkey, and part of Egypt

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The best Asian female names come from different countries in the vast continent. Some of those with amazing names include Japan, India, Korea, China, and Vietnam. Due to the different cultures and languages in Asian countries, the names carry different meanings.

Yen.com.gh recently looked at some of the most popular Spanish names for boys. Spanish names have grown in popularity due to their use in numerous films and television shows, as well as the rich heritage associated with them.

If you are looking to give your newborn male child a nice-sounding and meaningful name, you may want to consider a Spanish one. So, what are some nice options?

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