Asian female names and meanings

Asian female names and meanings

Some females in Asia have names of Latin, French, English or Greek origin. This is because long ago, the European nations had occupied Asian countries. This article will, however, highlight only those names that are primarily Asian. We shall also include names influenced by religion such as those drawn from the names of gods and goddesses to make sure a detailed list of Asian female names is availed. Other Asian female names that are not, necessarily derived from gods and goddesses will be listed, thus, coming up with a comprehensive list that is representative of the Asian continent.

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taiwan female names
hong kong female names
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Asian cultures are some of the most interesting in the world. Their culture is diverse, something that is reflected in their daily lives from eating to dressing and worship. This has a huge influence in the naming of their children. Most of these people give their children names that have a hidden meaning, which in most cases are positive and proclaim good upon the children. Below are some of the Asian names and their meaning.

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Female names in Asian countries

Female names in Asian countries often portray positive traits. Most parents would therefore use these names for their daughters with expectations that the traits will manifest in their lives.

  • Sakae (Japanese origin): it means prosperity.
  • Sakiya (Japanese origin): it means cherry fruit blossom growing.
  • Sanako (Japanese origin): it means a child who belongs to Sana.
  • Sarojini (Indian origin): it means inside lotus.
  • Sato (Japanese origin): it means sugar.
  • Saura (Indian origin): it means celestial.
  • Sayo (Japanese origin): it means girl born during the night.
  • Seiko (Japanese origin): it means force and also truth.
  • Serika (Japanese origin): it means a parsley flower.
  • Setsuko (Japanese origin): it means a temperate child.
  • Sheu-fuh (Chinese origin): it means an elegant phoenix.
  • Shigeko (Japanese origin): it means a luxuriant child.
  • Shihong (Chinese origin): it means the world is all red.
  • Shima (Japanese origin): it means true intention.
  • Shino (Japanese origin): it means a slender bamboo.
  • Shirushi (Japanese origin) it means evidence.
  • Shizuko (Japanese origin): it means a quiet child.
  • Shresth (Indian origin): it means the best among all children.
  • Sigu (Japanese origin): it means moral uprightness.
  • Song (Chinese origin): it means a pine tree.
  • Sudarshini (Indian origin): it means a beautiful lady.
  • Suma (Japanese origin): it means to ask.
  • Sumiko (Japanese origin): it means a smart girl.
  • Suravi (Indian origin): it means the sun.
  • Suyin (Chinese origin): it means one who is not adorned.
  • Suzuki (Japanese ): it means a bell tree.
  • Yon (Korean origin): it means lotus blossom.
  • Yeo (Korean origin): it means mild.
  • Xuan (Viet origin): it means springtime.
  • Vanna (Cambodia origin): it means golden.
  • Vanida (Thai origin): it means a girl.
  • Upma (Indian origin): it means the best.
  • Ujvala (Indian origin): it means bright.
  • U (Korean origin): it means gentle.
  • Tuyen (Viet origin): it means snow.
  • Tu (Chinese origin): it means an earth element called jade.
  • Trang (Viet origin): it means intelligent or knowledgeable.
  • Ting (Chinese origin): it means graceful.
  • Yutsuko (Japanese origin): it means a Yutso child.
  • Yuke (Chinese origin): it means moon.
  • Yet Kwai (Chinese origin): it means beautiful like a rose.
  • Thanh (Viet origin): it means bright blue.
  • Thao (Viet origin): it means one who is respectful to parents.
old asian female names
chinese female names
taiwan female names
hong kong female names

Rare Asian female names

These names are very uncommon in Asian countries.

  • Ting: it is a Chinese name that means a person who is slim.
  • Qinyang: it is a Chinese name that means my heart sunshine.
  • Qing: it is a Chinese name of a color that is greenish blue.
  • Mei: it is a Chinese name that means a girl who is very beautiful.
  • Ahma: a Japanese name meaning black rain.
  • Akira: a Japanese name meaning bright.
  • Chika: a Japanese name meaning one with a lot of wisdom.
  • Hisa: a Japanese name meaning long lasting
  • Kasumi: a Japanese name meaning mystical.

Old Asian female names

These names are native and were used in the olden days. But this does not necessarily mean they cannot be used today. After al,l they are pretty names.

  • Feiyan
  • Hou
  • Jiangnu
  • Shengtong
  • Zhi
  • Bii
  • Haa
  • Saa
  • Ruu
  • Chiisa
  • Inoko
  • Aka
  • Fudji
  • Hotsu
  • Matsu
  • Sugi
  • Aishwarya
  • Gayatri
  • Aditi
  • Urvashi
  • Nargis

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Chinese female names

Below is a list of adorable and popular Chinese female names that you can use for your daughter.

  • Ai: meaning love and affection.
  • Alix: meaning dignified.
  • Bai: meaning pure.
  • Bethsheba: meaning an oath.
  • Bi: it means green jade.
  • Billi: meaning will-helmet.
  • Bo: meaning precious.
  • Caihong: meaning a rainbow seen in the sky.
  • Chu: meaning a precious jewel that is used all over the world.
  • Cui: meaning a prince.
  • Da Xia: meaning a very long summer.
  • Diu: meaning a person who is always down to earth.
  • Genji: meaning of great value equal to gold.
  • Gho: meaning a responsible person who is very inspirational.
  • Guo: meaning the wall surrounding a city.
  • Hee: meaning lotus.
  • Heng: meaning steady and persistent.
  • Hien: meaning gentle and persevering.
  • Holea: meaning holy.
  • Lien: meaning one possessing the beauty of lotus flower.
  • Lian: meaning one who is graceful like a willow.
  • Julissa: it means a person with sweet, unique and absolute personality.
  • Ju: meaning a Daisy flower.
female names in asian countries
rare asian female names
old asian female names
chinese female names

Taiwan female names

Taiwan is one of the countries in Asia. There are female names that are pretty in Taiwan. Below is an outline of the most popular Taiwanese female names.

  • Chia-jung
  • Chia-ling
  • Chia-ying
  • Hsiao-han
  • Hsin-yi
  • Hui-ting
  • Ing-wen
  • Jer
  • Jufeng
  • kaien
  • leikela
  • Pei-shan
  • Ren
  • Shu-ching
  • Su-wei
  • Yi-chun
  • Yi-hsua
  • Yu-hsuan
  • Yu-ting

Hong Kong female names

Hong Kong borrows a lot of names from Chinese naming culture. There are also good English names that most females in Hong Kong use. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Wai
  • Heidi
  • Daania
  • Chow
  • Coco
  • Yang
  • Yan Lok
  • Leia
  • Almira
  • Yannis
  • Jang
  • Chu
  • Yan

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Common female names in china

Below is a list of female names widely used in China.

  • W*ng Fang: it means aromatou.
  • Wa*g Xiu Ying: it means brave and elegant.
  • Li Xiu Ying: it means brave and elegant.
  • Li Na: it means elegant.
  • Zhang Xiu Ying: it means brave and elegant.
  • Zhang Min: it means quick.
  • Li Jing: it means quiet.
  • Zhang Li: it means beautiful.
  • W*ng Jing: it means quiet.
  • Wa*g Li: it means quiet.
  • Zhang Jing: it means quiet.
  • Li Min: it means quick.
  • W*ng Min: it means quick
  • Liu Yang: it means ocean.
  • Wa*g Yan: it means glamorous.
  • Li Juan: it means beautiful.
  • Zhang Yan: it means glamorous.
  • Li Yan: it means glamorous.
  • Liu Fang: it means fragrant.
  • Li Gui Ying: it means cassiabarktree hero.
  • Li Li: it means beautiful.
  • Liu Min: it means quick
  • Li Xia: it means red clouds.
  • W*ng Xiu Lan: it means elegant orchid.
  • Wa*g Juan: it means beautiful

In conclusion, finding the right Asian female names should not be a challenge. This article has provided quite a number of female Asian names for you to choose from. Find a name whose meaning fits your joy and give it to your daughter. Always remember that a name is the identity of your child, make it worthwhile.

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