How To Look Handsome And Smart In School

How To Look Handsome And Smart In School

There are many who believe that looking handsome only means having a killer smile and a cute face. Looking handsome involves a lot more than just having good looks. Looking handsome also involves having the right personality and attitude, and dressing smart, which aspects are just as important. How to look handsome and smart in school may be more challenging than most would think. Here are a few tips that will make you look handsome and smart in school.

How To Look Handsome And Smart In School

It is often said never to judge a book by the cover. However, most of the time, the cover says all one needs to know about the book. The importance of looking handsome and smart can never be overestimated. Every man wants to look handsome and smart. More especially, every boy wants to look handsome in school. Here is an easy guide on how to look handsome and smart in school.

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How to look Handsome and Attractive

In case you are a man looking for instructions on how to look handsome and attractive, here are a few easy guidelines.

First, make an effort to reduce anxiety, which helps eliminate aging signs. Secondly, observe strict diet and nutrition on a daily basis. Thirdly, exercise on a regular basis, which helps improve physique. Fourthly, practice good oral hygiene because this gives an attractive smile. Fifthly, find the right haircut since this gives your head shape. Sixthly, to give you a younger looking face, prevent and reduce wrinkles, and focus on the eyes. Lastly, to achieve a less botchy and more attractive face, eliminate dark sports and regularly groom you face through face care routines.

How to Look Handsome in School

With the little time available during mornings to prepare, boys often wonder whether they can look good at all. That notwithstanding, looking good makes you feel good. Here are several instructions on how to look handsome in school.

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First, you must prepare the night before. This involves taking a bath, picking out what you need for school, choosing what you will wear and, importantly, getting enough sleep. Secondly, manage the little morning time you have. This you do by rising up early, brushing and flossing your teeth, cleansing oily or acne-affected face, getting dressed and styling your hair. Finally, do the finishing touches by taking breakfast, accessorizing and perfuming, and checking yourself one last time before stepping out of the door.

How to Look Handsome in School Uniform

School uniform can be monotonous and boring and looking handsome in them may be difficult. However, by personalizing the uniform, you can achieve the desired look. Here are a few tips on how to look handsome in school uniform.

The first step in looking handsome in school uniform is knowing the boundaries of what wear is allowed in school and what is not. The second step is choosing from your uniform choices and wearing them differently to achieve different looks. In this regard, you may opt for a sweater over a shirt and the next day a blazer over the shirt. Thirdly, cover your shirt with a cooler color and pop up you collar to give a little more style. Fourthly, tuck in your shirt and then pull it up gradually to a desired length. This helps control the shirt’s length. Fifthly, pull your pants a little lower and roll up the shirt’s cuffs, which looks better with a popped up collar. Lastly, choose from a plethora of accessories like watches and briefcases and try out different hairstyles. This gives an extra edge.

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