Ghana taxi services - all you need to know

Ghana taxi services - all you need to know

The taxi business is attracting a lot of people with each service provider trying to give the best . Read on to find out more about thee growing taxi business in Ghana.

Ghana taxi services

The taxi business in Ghana

Soon enough the country will evolve and using a taxi will be more preferable than using any other means. Public service vehicles will no longer be marketable like they are. Someone can get a taxi to their location just by using the apps that are in the mobile android phones.

Top taxi apps in Ghana that you can try

Below is a list of taxi apps in Ghana;

Accra cab.

This is a taxi service that is run y total investments limited. Accra cab is meant to meet your transport from one place to another. The Accra cab is efficient and very cost friendly. Choose Accra cab for easy transport.

Ghana taxi services

Dropping .

Located at oxford street mall in Accra, droppin technologies is one of the best taxi services provider in Ghana. It provides both taxis and car hire services in Ghana. It has gone digital and there is an android application for he android phones. With droppin, you will not look for a taxi, the taxi will find you.

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Uber taxi in Ghana.

Uber Ghana offices are located at Anumasa street in Accra. With an android phone, you can download the Uber app and a driver will pick you up wherever you are and drop you at the designated destination. Uber is fast, cost effective and dependable. It is one of the best modern taxi apps in Ghana.

Ghana taxi services

Yenko Ghana.

With yenko, movement has become very easy and convenient. With Yenko, your driver is just a click away. Yenko is very efficient for all people and the drivers are professionally trained to meet all your transport needs.

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Work and pay taxi in Ghana .

Work and pay taxis are a business in Ghana. In this business, an agreement is made between the owner of the vehicle and the driver. In this agreement, the driver takes the vehicle, uses it as a taxi and pays the owner until the required money is paid off. Afterwards, the driver gets he ownership of the car. This agreement lasts for around two years and the driver is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the car.

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Uru Ghana.

Located at Royalty castle road in Accra, Uru is a modern application that helps you to find a taxi to facilitate your transport. The application can also be downloaded from play store.]

Ghana taxi services

Taxi companies in Ghana.

Addison Lee Ghana.

At Addison Accra, you will get very cheap transport both for you and cargo. This company is diverse and suitable for people who like to tour the country. It offers very reliable taxi service in Ghana.

A+ transport.

For easy transport of your goods, choose the A+ transport. It also offers car rentals for your transport.

Rich Transport Services.

Rich transport is located at Cape coast. This company aims for the middle income earners and provides transport services to all the people.

Tramigo Ghana Limited.

Located in Accra, this company is able to provide for your safety during travels. The drivers are well trained to ensure your relaxation.

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