Top 60+ Aztec names for boys and girls with their meaning

Top 60+ Aztec names for boys and girls with their meaning

The Aztecs were a culture in central Mexico in the post-classic period. They included different ethnic groups but were dominated by the Mexicans. The naming system in Aztecs was a greatly valued procedure, and they ensured that the names given were meaningful. Since bravery was a highly valued trait, many children were given warrior Aztec names.

Aztec names
Top Aztec names for boys and girls. Photo:, @Tawny Nina Botha (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Aztecs were a warring civilization as wars were waged all the time to conquer new lands. This made Aztec warriors vital people in society. It, therefore, makes sense that a new parent looking for unique Aztec baby names for their baby would pick a brave person's name. Another common practice that was highly valued as naming children after the Aztec gods and goddesses.

Top 60+ Aztec names for boys and girls

Aztec names are meaningful and unique, which is what most people look for in a name. A good name is something that your child will have for the rest of their lives and is, in a sense, the greatest gift you will ever give them. Although there are several gender-neutral Aztec names, most were divided according to gender.

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Aztec warrior names

The Aztecs worshipped many deities; therefore, naming male children after gods was a practice that was faithfully observed. Like Mayan boy names, many Aztec boy names were also derived from nature. In that period, most warriors were male, meaning that most boys were named after a warrior from one of the factions.

  • Chicahua: Strong
  • Chimalli: Shield
  • Guatemoc: The falling eagle
  • Ilhicamina: He who shoots arrows at the sky
  • Montezuma: The last ruler of the Aztecs
  • Nahuatl: The goddess of water and rivers
  • Namacuix: King
  • Necalli: Battle
  • Quetzalcoatl: The Aztec god of wind and rain
  • Tlacelel: The greatest of our war heroes
  • Tlaloc: The Aztec god of rain
  • Tupack: Warrior
  • Tupoc: Warrior (spelling variation of Tupack)
  • Xicohtencatl: Angry bumblebee (the name signifies bravery on the battlefield)
  • Xiuhcoatl: A weapon of destruction
  • Yaotyl: Rival

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Aztec warrior names for females

Aztec warrior names
Aztec warrior names for females. Photo:, @Victoria_Watercolor (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Most Aztec girl names were given according to birth order. That is, depending on whether you were the older or younger sister. However, some girls were named after nature. It was also commonplace for girls to be named after goddesses due to their high reverence. The Aztec warrior names for baby girls include the following:

  • Acuecucyoticihuati: The goddess of the ocean
  • Ahuic: Goddess of running water in rivers, streams, and waves
  • Apozanolotl: Goddess of purity
  • Atlacamani: Goddess of storms
  • Atlacoya: Goddess of drought
  • Atlatonin: The mother-goddess
  • Ayauhteotl: The goddess of haze and mist
  • Chalmecacihuilt: Goddess of the underworld
  • Chiconahui: The hearth-goddess
  • Chimalma: A shield-bearer
  • Huixtocihuatl: The fertility goddess
  • Ilamatecuhtli: Fertility and death goddess
  • Metztli: Goddess of night
  • Necahual: Survivor
  • Ohtli: A champion
  • Tonantzin: Mother earth
  • Tozi: The goddess of healing and sweet water
  • Xilonen: The goddess of maize/corn
  • Xitllali: The goddess of the moon
  • Yaotl: Soldier/warrior
  • Ylihuali: The source of life

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Nahuatl names

Nahuatl names
Nahuatl names. Photo:, @Karen Warfel (modified by author)
Source: UGC

A Nahuatl name is a given name in the Nahuatl language that the Aztecs used. Below is a list of cute names for girls and boys you can use.

  • Acoatl: Water serpent
  • Ahuiliztli: Happiness
  • Aketzalli: Precious water
  • Axochitl: Water flower
  • Ayotli: Turtle
  • Cacalotl: Raven
  • Calatzin: Froggy
  • Cayo: Rooster
  • Cemelli: Joy
  • Chapulin: Grasshopper
  • Cipactli: Crocodile
  • Coatl: Serpent
  • Cuauhtemoc: Falling eagle
  • Cuetlachtli: Wolf
  • Cuetzpalli: Lizard
  • Huitontli: Corn at full maturity
  • Metstona: Moonlight
  • Mixtli (Mishtli): It means Cloud
  • Papaplotl: Butterfly
  • Paquini: Happy
  • Patox: Duck
  • Quetzali: Beautiful feather
  • Quiahuitl: Rain
  • Seltik Xochitl: Tender flower
  • Tecolotl: Owl
  • Tlacuilo: Painter
  • Tlalli: Earth
  • Tlapaltic: It means Brave

What are Aztec names for warriors?

What are Aztec names for warrior?
Cute Aztec names for boys and girls. Photo:, @Tawny Nina Botha (modified by author)
Source: UGC

Warriors in Aztec culture were highly respected and given special names based on their achievements, personality traits, and even the gods they worshipped. These names included Tlacateccatl, meaning chief of men, Cuauhtémoc, meaning descending sun, and Xochitl, meaning flower. The names often showcased the warrior's bravery, strength, and leadership qualities.

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What Aztec name means star?

Citlalee is a beautiful gender-neutral Aztec name that means a star.

What is the Aztec name for strong?

Chicahua is an Axtec name that means strong. A strong name represents confidence, power, resilience, or a sense of identity and belonging.

What are indigenous Mexican names?

These names come from Mexico's indigenous languages and cultures, such as Nahuatl, Maya, Zapotec, and Mixtec. These names often have deep cultural and historical significance and can include meanings related to nature, animals, and spirituality.

What is the best Aztec warrior name for a boy?

Cuauhtémoc is a traditional Aztec warrior name for a boy, which means descending sun or descending eagle. It honours the last Aztec emperor who fought bravely against Spanish conquerors.

What are Aztec jaguar names?

Aztec jaguar names were given to elite warriors in the Aztec empire who wore jaguar skins and were known for their bravery and strength in battle. These names were typically composed of a common name and a descriptive title related to the jaguar, such as the jaguar claw or jaguar warrior.

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Aztec names are the perfect combination of beautiful and unique, and it is no surprise that they are the first choice of names for new parents. Using one of these meaningful Aztec warrior names for your child is one of the best things you could do for them.

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The circumstances surrounding a child's birth determine their name. For example, the day or manner in which they were born may influence which name they receive.

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