30+ Lucrative business ideas in Ghana for ladies to venture into

30+ Lucrative business ideas in Ghana for ladies to venture into

Financial freedom is critical for Ghanaian women, allowing them to plan their futures while contributing to their households and communities. Launching a business will enable ladies to break free from established gender stereotypes and acquire financial independence. Discover the most lucrative business ideas in Ghana for ladies.

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A woman on the shores of Cape Coast Castle (L), a hairdresser braiding a client's hair (C), and children doing laundry (R). Photo: Patrick Meinhardt, M. Spector, Issouf Sanogo (modified by author)
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The first step in launching your own company is discovering the ideal business idea for you. It necessitates considering your true passions, best qualities, aptitudes, talents, and the sectors in which your experience and knowledge are most applicable.

Lucrative business ideas in Ghana for ladies

Ghana is quickly emerging as a top business destination for female entrepreneurs, and there has never been a better moment to establish a business. What is the best business for ladies? With many business ideas for women in Ghana, female-led firms thrive in various fields and industries, spotlighting women's distinct energy and abilities.

1. Beauty products and perfume deodorant

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The sale of perfume and beauty items is a lucrative business in Ghana with low entrance hurdles. As a retailer, you can source and sell a wide range of popular beauty products and perfumes to local or online customers. The cosmetics industry's continuous demand and wide range of product alternatives make it an adaptable option for entrepreneurs.

2. Event planning and decoration

Organising and decorating services are crucial for weddings, birthday celebrations, and business gatherings. As an event planner, you will organise every facet of an occasion, from venue selection to entertainment and culinary arrangements. In this sector, organisational abilities, creativity, and a keenness for detail are essential.

3. Cleaning services

You can offer cleaning services for homes and businesses in your neighbourhood or throughout Ghana. Essential tools, including a broom, mop, bucket, and cleaning detergent, are frequently needed for cleaning services. For industrial cleaning, you need specialised equipment like a vacuum cleaner.

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4. Daycare business

A daycare facility is one of the best home-based businesses you can establish, particularly if you enjoy working with youngsters. Running a daycare centre enables you to devote much time to your kids while caring for other people's children. This business is ideal for mothers and people with prior childcare expertise.

5. Mobile beauty and spa services

Ghanaians place a high priority on personal grooming. Capitalise on this by providing flexible beauty and spa services. Offer premium treatments such as pedicures, manicures, facial treatments, hair styling and massage. Provide clients with convenience and comfort while saving energy and time.

6. Art & craft supply shop

Art & craft supply shop in Ghana
Ghana has an emerging arts and crafts industry. Photo: pexels.com, @julia-volk
Source: UGC

Create an art and craft supply company to aid Ghana's emerging arts and crafts scene. Keep supplies like brushes, paints, canvases, and craft equipment. Serve the needs of consumers, DIY enthusiasts, and artists by encouraging their creativity and giving them the tools they need.

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7. Catering services

Ghanaians enjoy delicious cuisine, and catering services are essential for meeting their culinary demands. Provide catering services for various events, including weddings, business conferences, and parties. Create customised menus that highlight Ghanaian food's unique flavours and originality.

8. Online fashion store

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, you can now reach a larger audience by opening a virtual shop or fashion store. Create a stylish and one-of-a-kind collection of apparel, footwear, and accessories. Provide suitable online shopping experiences by delivering to clients at their homes.

9. Wellness and fitness coaching

Provide wellness and fitness guidance to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. Develop individualised training regimens, offer dietary advice, and inspire customers to reach their fitness objectives. Assist them in making long-term, consistent lifestyle choices for their well-being.

10. Individual styling and image consultation

Personal styling and image consultancy have become in-demand services with increased emphasis on individual image and appearance. Utilise your taste in fashion and trend expertise to provide personalised fashion consultations, wardrobe transformations, and grooming and etiquette advice, allowing customers to improve their personal and professional appearance.

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11. Cake and dessert shop

Do you know what to sell in Ghana to make money? Open a cake and dessert business to serve delicious delights for special occasions. Create one-of-a-kind, eye-catching cupcakes, cakes, and pastries for special occasions like weddings and birthdays. Try different flavours and decorations to provide clients with a unique dining experience.

12. Gift shop

A mum and her daughter in a gift shop
A gift shop with thoughtful and distinctive goods for various events will likely do well in Ghana. Photo: pexels.com, @any-lane
Source: UGC

This is one of the best small business ideas in Ghana. Ghanaians adore giving gifts as a way to rejoice and show their affection. Create a boutique gift store with thoughtful and distinctive goods for various events. Assemble a collection of handcrafted and locally sourced goods, ensuring each present is genuine and holds cultural value.

13. Plant or flower shop

Create a plant farm or flower shop to celebrate Ghana's abundant wildlife and flowers. Provide a variety of flowers, plants, and gardening equipment indoors and outside. Give plant care guidance and make stunning flower centrepieces for special events or daily delight.

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14. Barbershop

Are you enthusiastic about men's grooming and want to create a low-cost business with a large profit margin? A barbershop can be an excellent business concept. Males are always looking for grooming, regardless of the economy. Thus, opening a barbershop can be an economically viable enterprise.

15. Hair salon

Hair salons provide various cosmetic services like hairstyles, waxing, nail treatments, massages, and aromatherapy. Opening a beauty salon could be lucrative with the rising demand for high-end beauty services.

16. Waste management company

Waste management is a thriving sector with a lot of expansion opportunities. Waste management organisations collect and transport garbage from homes, businesses, and other locations. They also gather recyclables and resell them to recycling facilities.

17. Soap business

Soap-making is a burgeoning sector that can be run from home or as a small local enterprise. The soap company is one of the most profitable home-based enterprises, allowing you to work in your spare time while earning good money.

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18. Photography business

To establish a photography business in Ghana, analyse your target demographic and identify which specialisation is more profitable. Invest in excellent, high-end cameras, lenses, and a machine with sophisticated software for editing photos.

19. Bookstore

Opening a bookshop is an excellent method to launch a small business. Bookstores can be found almost anywhere, from smaller towns to colossal metropolis. A bookstore is an excellent central location for browsing and buying books.

20. Home tutoring service

A home tutoring firm is an educational organisation providing individualised tutoring to learners at their residences. Home coaching is a rising business option for dedicated individuals that allows them to work whenever and wherever they want and generate income.

21. Taxi cab business

A yellow taxi packed near the planters
Cab drivers earn between GH₵507 and GH₵2,557 per month as salary. Photo: pexels.com, @jakeheinemann
Source: UGC

Launching a taxi cab service can be a very profitable side job if you are a seasoned driver who knows your city well. All you need to do is get your business licences and buy insurance for your business.

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22. Automobile accessories

You can sell various automotive products and services. These include automobile stereos, seat covers, GPS systems, floor mats, and dashboard covers. Diversifying your products and providing installation assistance as needed is also critical.

23. Retirement and personal financial consultant

As people retire, there is a greater demand for these services. A retirement consulting firm can tap into a burgeoning market of people seeking expert advice in their postwork periods. Retirement consultants examine their customers' financial status, offer savings and investment plans, and advise them on living comfortably in retirement.

24. Food truck

Food trucks are a hugely profitable business that serves a range of meals from a mobile vehicle. This occurs inside a huge van outfitted with kitchen appliances and food items. To make it function, you'll need the proper location and menu.

25. Furniture business

The furniture industry creates, manufactures, and sells a variety of furniture for both residential and commercial use. The furniture industry is simple and does not require a significant investment. However, it is necessary first to understand your field of interest.

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26. Pub and grill business

Opening a pub and grill enterprise may be exciting and profitable, particularly if you put it strategically where you can effortlessly draw celebrities and those who enjoy partying. This is a highly coveted and profitable business.

27. Manufacturing bottled water

Bottled water manufacturing is one of the fastest-growing businesses in Ghana that any potential female entrepreneur can start. Bottled water manufacturers filter and set water into glass and plastic bottles for drinking.

28. Cattle farming business

Cattle ranching is one of the most profitable animal farming ventures that an entrepreneur can establish. It is a growing and profitable venture due to the value of meat and other cattle consumables.

29. Fish farming business

Fish farming is one of the most profitable aquaculture ventures that an entrepreneur may establish in Ghana. To succeed in the business, you must understand the fish farming techniques and have general knowledge.

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30. Pest control business

Consider launching a pest treatment service to start a business in Ghana that will provide a stable income. Pest control services remove or eliminate potentially dangerous insects, reptiles and rodents from farms and commercial and residential facilities.

31. Travel agency

Travel agents provide services that address all aspects of travel. They assist their clients in obtaining visas, purchasing aircraft tickets, booking hotels, bus shuttles, and taxi cabs, and arranging sightseeing, among other things.

Above are some of the most lucrative business ideas in Ghana for ladies. In Ghana, women have abundant business opportunities that are growing swiftly. These include opportunities in service-oriented industries, artistic industries, food and beverage businesses, retail enterprises, fitness and health businesses, and technologically driven industries.

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