VIP transport Ghana

VIP transport Ghana

Believe it or not, some people cannot do public transport, they cannot do taxis and they cannot also drive themselves! They go for VIP transport, which is an expensive luxury. To them, it is a small price to pay for the status and the special treatment.

Vip transport Ghana

Every individual; poor, rich, or middleclass wants some form of special treatment. However, this need can only be maintained by those who afford it. VIP status represents very important people in the society or in an event. So how do they look like? How do these important people move around because we rarely get to see them in the public means compared to the regular people?

VIP transport Ghana - here's what you should know

VIP transport services are provided for any individual who can pay for them. What does VIP transportation entail? VIP transportation entails; security, privacy, luxury, being treated as the most important person in the world and receiving extra treatment that is not necessarily available for common transportation. The transport sector faces challenges such as safety and security. In light of the many road accidents, a transport firm that assures and delivers its passengers or clients safely are worth recommending.

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Vip transport Ghana

A flight is faster than a bus drive. However, any middleclass man appreciates a bus that fails to constantly make frequent stop overs, since time is of essence. The form of luxury found in VIP transportation is well cushioned seats made of leather or good quality material. Any broken or loose chair is disregarded in the VIP section. For instance, VIP transportation includes being served expensive wine or champagne while in route together with other accompaniments. This is mostly seen in hired limousines.

VIP transport services in Ghana vary according to needs. In retrospect, VIP transport services were limited to limousines for special events such as weddings. That trend has changed. The transport sector has realised that even regular people would like some form of special treatment once in a while. They have satisfied this need by introducing VIP buses in Ghana.

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VIP buses in Ghana are also available

Vip transport Ghana

VIP buses in Ghana provide for their customers a bus that has comfortable seats, air conditioning, they keep time, large seats, extra leg room and they provide direct transportation without detours or long stops. These services are not necessarily provided for in the trotros (minivans) and taxis.

VIP buses terminal in Ghana hosts most of the vehicles that offer VIP services. They include Ordonna bus station, GH express, VIP bus terminal and VVIP bust terminal.

VIP transport fares in Ghana are higher priced as compared to the normal buses. Normally, the roads are not well done. Therefore, some transport companies have tried to cure that menace by providing VIP buses in Ghana. Travelling down a road that is not well tarmacked can be tedious hence the large comfortable seats with enough leg room. On a hot day, the air conditioning in such buses is essential. Therefore, VIP buses in Ghana may not be flight but they maximize on ensuring that the VIP experience is exciting and comfortable.

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Vip transport Ghana
Luxury Limousine bus

VIP bus Ghana fares

The VIP bus Ghana fares range from the type of buses as well as the destination. For instance a caravan air-condition bus to Kumasi from Accra may vary from 44,000 cedis. Comparing the price to a non-air condition bus, the prices go for around 37,000 cedis. The GPRTU transport service along the same route for an air-condition bus may range from 69,000 cedis to 73,000 cedis.

VIP transport services in Ghana have redefined and classified VIP to mean different terms. VIP transport in Ghana is dynamic and responsive to the needs of its clientele.

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