GICCS cargo tracking: How to track and trace your cargo instantly online

GICCS cargo tracking: How to track and trace your cargo instantly online

From the estimate, 90% of the world trade is carried by the international shipping industry, which has made cargo shipping more important than it used to be. As a result of this, cargo theft has become an issue of concern to many people. Part of the measures put in place to address this is tracking cargoes, and a way of achieving this is by using the GICCS cargo tracking system.

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In this digital age, a lot of things have been simplified to make life worth more enjoyable. For instance, with the smartphone, people can find different things, including their favourite restaurant and the nearest gas station. They can place orders online and even track people.

To boost a company’s growth through increased efficiency in how goods are transported or shipped is part of what makes tracking systems essential. Businesses employ the services of cargo shipping organisations to get their consignments delivered efficiently and on time.

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By using cargo tracking technology, it is easier to monitor metrics relating to ship movement, and more importantly, business owners can enjoy peace of mind as they can track the movement of their cargoes and know when they are likely to get them delivered either to themselves or their clients.

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Background information on GICCS

Fully known as Ghana Integrated Cargo Clearance System, the GICCS is one of the electronic systems set up in the country and integrated within Ghana Single Window to cater to tracking cargoes online. Other electronic systems are the following:

  1. GCNet eMDA. This is used for documenting relevant information as expected by Ghana's government;
  2. eTax. It helps taxpayers manage tax documents and payments;
  3. eRegistrar. This portal helps citizens to register legal entities in the country.

These online portals make the exchange of information easy with the government of Ghana and the logistics community. Besides, people can track the progress of their application and also relate to logistics companies, clearing agents, and governmental agencies.

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Then, with the systems, customs clearance process for documents and the clearance of imported goods through the ports can be facilitated and sped up.

Ghana Integrated Cargo Clearance System (GICCS) portal

As one of Ghana's Single Window portal, the portal houses the submission and payment of Manifest that relate to the processing and the submission, validation, notification, and payment of Declaration.

More so, it makes it easy for commercial users of the system to monitor/track the status of their cargoes so that they can have accurate information relating to the movement of their containers and delivery orders.

Specifically, the GICCS container tracking system makes it is easy to access details, including the source, present location, destination, dispatch and delivery date of any cargo. If there is any delay, details about it are also provided.

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With the online tracker system, tracking air freights, airlines cargoes, courier delivery status information, and airways shipments, among others, are done without stress, as long as their tracking numbers are available.

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Interestingly also, different users, including vessel/aircraft operators, slot charterers, clearing agents, container terminal operators, and statutory bodies, among others, can better understand their functions through the information available on the GICCS portal.

Then, apart from being a platform to monitor cargo status, those who want to familiarise themselves with the processes involved in import, export and international trades can access information on that.

How to track your cargo online

There are a few steps that must be followed before you can begin to use the GICCS tracking portal for your shipments. In starting the process, it is expected that a registration request would have been submitted to the GCNET Administrator.

This is done through the port authority, customs and exporters/importers, clearing agents or shipping agents, among others, depending on which obtains to individuals. It is after then that an account is created for each user. Once the user ID and password are available, the following are then the steps to follow:

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  1. Log on to the official website of the GICCS;
  2. Enter your user ID and password at the right-hand corner on your PC;
  3. Click on the "Submit tab;"
  4. Once you are logged in, at the left-hand side of your computer screen, you will see a list of options under the Navigation section; click on "Cargo tracking;"
  5. From there, the "Search Cargo Tracking" page will open up;
  6. Enter your BL number correctly before clicking on the "Search" button;
  7. Once the BL list displays, click on the "Tracking" link for you to access your BL status.

Once the page opens up, you can view details, including your:

  • Clearance status;
  • Consignment;
  • Vessel information
  • Status of goods or container; and
  • Importer and consignee information.

Tracking and tracing cargoes play significant roles in logistics as far as business continuity is concerned. Interestingly, the process has become simplified with globalisation. With GICCS cargo tracking system, companies/individuals who transport goods can monitor the status of their shipments online from the comfort of their office, while protecting them against thefts and crimes.

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