Code to be getting free credit from MTN network

Code to be getting free credit from MTN network

It is interesting and rewarding to know that you can access free credit to browse the internet from a reliable network. While most people cannot imagine the possibility of this happening, it is true that you can browse the internet for free. The secret is to know the code to be getting free credit from MTN network in Ghana. This will spare you your airtime at any given time.

Code to be getting free credit from MTN network

If you are among the skeptics that keep asking how to get free credit from MTN then this article is for you. You can get access to free credit on MTN as part of the company’s scheme to reward loyal customers. This is the advantage of established and reliable mobile networks such as MTN.

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Free credit on MTN. How does it happen?

It is good to remember that the free credit code for MTN will depend on how long you have been using this service. The longer the usage the more the credit. You can also get free credit based on the amount of airtime you use regularly. What happens is that every time you make a call, send an SMS or use the internet to browse, MTN accumulates certain amounts of points for usage. It is these points that you get to redeem for free services. You can use the code *482# to access the free credit or data bundles depending on what your preference is.

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Steps in accessing free data bundles

  1. Dial code *482#
  2. A pop up message asking you to check balance and redeem points will appear
  3. Note the balance by checking the points before going back to redeem points
  4. Another pop up asking you to choose what to redeem comes up. You can choose to redeem data or airtime depending on your preference.
  5. Once you decide what you will redeem make sure that you match the total points you noted earlier to the points you want to redeem
  6. You will receive an SMS from MTN confirming the redeeming process has been successful.
  7. Enjoy the free credit while it lasts.

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This is the surest and the legally accepted way to enjoy free airtime from MTN. Unfortunately it is important to note that not everyone is qualified for the free bundles and airtime especially when you are a new user. The reward scheme only works for individuals that have been using the system for a while.

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With this free and genuine reward, the best any person can do at any given time is to take advantage of the offers as they come. Fortunately, with information that is credible any person can get the code and enjoy free internet browsing, calls and sms without paying any money for it. Take advantage of the offer when its available. MTN recognizes its users efforts and rewards them accordingly.


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