How to speed up uTorrent in Ghana

How to speed up uTorrent in Ghana

Do you like downloading things from the Internet? Then you know of uTorrent which allows you to download anything, especially movies, easily and free. However, you have to know how to speed up uTorrent since in some cases, it is quite slow and this really gets boring.

How to speed up uTorrent

Below are ways of ensuring that your uTorrent is fast on your PC browser and that you get all the entertainment you need at a fast rate.

1. Determine the number of seeders

Seeders are the people who share the file even after it’s downloaded. If they are a large number, then the download is fast. Go for files that have more traffic, because they are easier and faster to download than those which do not have seeders. This is a good way on how to speed up a uTorrent download

2. Check your connection

For those with questions on how to speed up uTorrent using broadband, this is the answer. When downloading from uTorrent, it’s better to use a router or a modem and also a broadband. Sometimes the Wi-Fi is shared and this makes it to be awfully slow. This is a good way on how to speed up your uTorrent.

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How to speed up uTorrent

3. Check uTorrent settings

Downloading from uTorrent may be a challenge especially if the settings are altered. It is therefore very important to check because downloading many files at once slows the process. Do not be in a hurry, download one movie each at a time, and watch one while the other is downloading. Go to settings and at number of preferences, choose 1. Set the maximum number of downloads to be one then click OK. This is a simple way of how to speed up uTorrent downloads.

4. Push to the limit

If you want high quality movies and you want them fast then you have to ensure that your uTorrent is operating at its maximum. This can be done by enabling UPnP port mapping. At that rate, uTorrent will automatically connect to the number of seeders. At that rate, uTorrent will be faster.

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5. Update your version

If you have an outdated version, probably that version will be slower. Applications keep getting updates each and every time to improve their speed. Go to the settings and check for the updates. It is better to subscribe to the latest version. It will be more expensive but generally faster and more efficient. Add trackers too to ensure efficiency. It’s a good way on how to speed up utorrent settings

How to speed up uTorrent

6. Change the download speed

Slow uTorrent can be as a result of slow downloads. At the settings, go to maximum download rate and then change it to 0.0. this is the unlimited speed. With this setting, you will be in a position to download your files faster.

7. Change the priority of uTorrent

On your torrent, click ctrl alt and del at the same time. The task manager appears. Go to utorrent exe. Right click and change the priority to high to know how to speed up utorrent speed.

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8. Adjust preferences

To adjust your preferences on torrent, go to options and then preferences. Go to the advanced option, and then expand by clicking +sign. Go to cache and enter 1800 in the drop box. Then apply. You shall have changed your preferences and downloading speed will increase. At the maximum number of connections click 500. Save your changes and you are good to go.

9. Force start

Right click on the uTorrent and the force start option appears. Change the bandwidth to high. You shall force it to start and it will be downloading at a higher rate than before.

How to speed up uTorrent

How to speed up uTorrent for android

For you to speed up uTorrent on your android phone, you have got to change your TCP port. Open the application and then click on the menu. Click on settings. Scroll to the bottom and then click on incoming port. The default TCP should be 6881 or 6882. Change it and you are good to go.

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How to speed up uTorrent using cheat engine

To speed up your uTorrent using the cheat engine, download it first. Open your torrent and then open your cheat engine. Click open and then enable speed hack. Change speed to 0.5 then apply and you are good to go.

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